Destiny Resource Manager

The Follett Team is here to support you.  

When you choose Follett Destiny® Resource Manager to track your resources and keep tabs on your valuable assets, you gain the support of the Follett Team. To ensure you get the most out of Destiny Resource Manager, we offer a variety of professional development opportunities. Whether you need training, consulting, or managed services, we’re here to help. Contact us today to get started.  

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Resource Manager Training

Our training courses are designed to support you throughout your journey with Follett software. Choose from prerecorded webinars, half- or full-day on-site sessions, train-the-trainer models, and more.

Resource Manager Consulting

Need personalized training for your team? Spend an hour speaking with one of our experienced education consultants to create customized training that meets the needs of your staff and district.

Resource Manager–Managed Services

We can help with barcoding your assets, taking inventory of your resources, improving processes, and much more. We’ll tailor our services to the exact needs of your school or district to save you time and money.

Resource Manager Follett Institute

Follett Institutes offer professional development opportunities for educators. Participants will learn how to take full advantage of the software and all its features and upgrades. Then, they’ll have time for hands-on exploration.