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The Follett Team is ready to help. 

Follett Destiny® Resource Manager lets you track all your resources in one system, and we have a team of Destiny Resource Manager experts available to help you achieve your goals. If you are looking to take resource management to the next level or you have unique challenges that your district needs to resolve, our team is ready to help.

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Consulting Options for Every Need

We offer several consulting options. Pricing is based on district size, department, consulting method (remote or on-site), and/or package type.

Targeted Consulting and Webinar Package
Spend one hour speaking with one of our experienced educational consultants to create a customized consulting session designed to help you meet your goals. After the consultation, a Follett team member will lead a two-hour Destiny Resource Manager webinar for you and your staff based on your district’s needs and challenges. 

Success Plan  
Let us help you define solutions that address issues, accomplish goals, achieve objectives, establish/maintain data integrity, determine responsibility for resource management at the district and site levels, determine data capture for each resource, identify tools for implementation success, and more. We’re invested in your success.

Organizing Resources for Departments 
You have a Destiny Resource Manager template, and we can help you organize it. Let us show you how to track devices by department; optimize data integrity in record creation; promote accuracy in device inventory, distribution, and collection; and facilitate purchase decision-making based on current inventory and end-of-life data.

Role-Based Security 
Safeguard district data by ensuring users can access only the software features they need in Destiny Resource Manager. We’ll show you how to establish and regulate what end users can see and do, understand the key roles and their structure, and develop a framework for district-level and campus-level permissions.

Data Management for Departments 
Implementing best practices now fosters data integrity in the future. Let us help you establish guidelines for setting up and managing tasks within Destiny Resource Manager. From resource transfers, inventory, and data input to general resource descriptions, item records, and data entry, we can help you set your district up for success.

Policy and Procedures for Departments 
Let us help you generate policy foundations, define essential business processes, and create a plan for implementing Destiny Resource Manager. With defined solutions and executable procedures, you’ll be able to address issues, accomplish goals, achieve measurable objectives, allow for district-wide fiscal responsibility, and more.

Department Expansion 
When you are ready to phase in additional departments, we can help you develop a Destiny Resource Manager success plan. It will be a road map you can use to add departments in an organized manner and timeline to ensure success for all. We’ll discuss a methodical approach and timeline for expansion, resource tree template updates, access levels, permissions, and resource groups.

Checkup and Progress Assessment 
If you have recently implemented or re-implemented Destiny Resource Manager, it might be time for a consult to ensure data integrity. We can assess your policies and procedures, review your district’s use of the software, identify any existing or potential issues, and check for resource tree alignment.

Barcoding Best Practices 
Let our team provide an in-depth lesson on barcode symbology and its importance. We’ll discuss fixed characters, location codes, barcode placement, how to run barcode reports, and policy development. Understanding barcode best practices ensures ease of inventory, consistency of asset identification, duplication prevention, and continuation of resource data integrity.

Goal-Based Resource Reporting for Departments
Learn how to use your existing reports to create individual reports by department. We’ll also show you how to create custom reports that collect and organize data required by local, state, and federal agencies. Accurate reporting is essential for districts. Destiny Resource Manager makes it easy.  

Consultative Business Process Design and Documentation for 1:1 Device Management
Using a collaborative approach, we’ll help your district generate policy foundations, define essential business processes, and create a strategy for the implementation of 1:1 device initiatives. We will show you how to transform that plan into executable procedures to address issues, accomplish goals, achieve measurable objectives, and more.

Consultative Template Design for 1:1 Device Management 
Your Resource Manager template can help you optimize data organization specific to 1:1 devices, and we can show you how. We’ll discuss template design, redesign, or expansion based on your district’s needs. We’ll also review data integrity in record creation, precision reporting, and other 1:1 device management key topics.

Consultative Security Profile Design for 1:1 Device Management 
To protect the integrity of your district’s data, it’s essential to understand how permissions work and how to establish appropriate permissions in Resource Manager. Our team will help you develop a framework for district-level and campus-level permissions, create default access levels, and ensure you understand how to safeguard data moving forward.

The Follett Team is ready and waiting to help you achieve your goals. Let’s get started! 

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