Destiny Resource Manager Training

Learn how to track and manage your assets. 

To help you get the most from Follett Destiny® Resource Manager, we offer a variety of training opportunities for teachers, department leads, resource administrators, and other staff members. These courses are designed to support new and experienced Destiny Resource Manager users and were developed in collaboration with several Grades K-12 school districts that use the platform. Let’s get started. 

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Resource Manager Essentials Training

Resource Manager Essentials Training is available as a three-hour webinar;
it includes the following topics.

Getting Started in Destiny

All Destiny products are organized by tabs, options, and sub-tabs – making it easy to find, edit, and print the information you need.

Cataloging Your Resource Types

Resource description records include general information about a resource. They ensure your resources are properly cataloged and easy to find. Learn how to work with resource description and item records.

Searching for Resources

When a teacher needs to check out a laptop, how do you find that resource in Resource Manager? If a textbook is lying in the hallway, how can you see who is responsible for it? Learn how to use Resource Manager to quickly search and browse for resources.

Setting Up Your Resource Policies

To meet your school’s needs, customize your resource policies for staff, teachers, and students. Explore how to set up your school loan policies and site configuration options to ensure efficient and effective distribution and collection of resources.

Distributing and Collecting Resources

As your school integrates technology into the classroom, teachers and students no longer rely only on textbooks as learning resources. They also use mobile devices, STEM equipment, and eTextbooks. Learn about circulation features that can help you quickly and efficiently check out, check in, and track circulating resource items.


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Resource Manager Essentials is also available as a full-day (six-hour) onsite training
and includes the above topics as well as your choice of 2-3 additional topics from
the list below to complete a full day of training.

Additional Training Options

Using Class Schedules 
(Complete and Asset Edition only)

To be successful, students need all the required resources for their courses. Adding class schedules to Resource Manager and assigning resources, students, and teachers to them makes it easy to ensure every student has what they need. You can also compare available inventory with classroom needs and prepare reports.

Transferring Resources

To maximize your resource investment, it makes sense to transfer resources between schools in your district when you have a surplus at one and a shortage at another. Learn how to use Resource Manager to track resource transfers and minimize lost items.

Managing Resource Orders at the Warehouse

Districts with stand-alone repositories can set up a warehouse site to streamline the transferring, tracking, and storing of resources. This increases efficiency and saves money by redistributing resources across the district.

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Maintaining Resources Through Help Tickets 
(Complete and Asset Edition only)

Help tickets in Resource Manager let you assign someone to fix a broken resource and document the outcome. Explore how to create servicing teams, as well as create and manage help tickets.

Building Custom Reports for Your Resources

There are many preconfigured reports in Destiny Resource Manager. When you need a tailored report, use Report Builder to build a nearly endless variety of customized reports. Explore how to configure and run custom reports.

Using Advance Booking to Share Resources

With Destiny Resource Manager's advance booking, districts can save money by sharing occasionally used resources. The district can define which resources to house at the advance booking site and who has access to manage the site and resources. Staff with access can book resources for immediate or future use for users throughout the district. While at their own site, teachers and staff can search for and book resources housed at the advance booking site to support their curriculum needs.


Additional Webinar Trainings for Managing Templates
and Security Setup

Managing Your Resources and Defining Templates
(Complete and Asset Edition)

Resource Manager lets you track all your resources in one place. Properly planning how to organize your district’s valuable resources and deciding what information to record for each one ensures a smooth rollout. You also want to consider who will be responsible for and have access to various resources. Learn the terms used in Resource Manager and how to create templates to ensure detailed, accurate records of each resource. This is a three-hour webinar.

Managing Your Textbooks 
(Complete and Textbook Edition)

Tracking your textbooks in Resource Manager ensures you have detailed and accurate records. Learn about the key concepts of textbook management, the responsibilities of districts and schools to manage textbooks efficiently, the benefits of importing class schedules, and the process to transfer textbooks. You will practice adding textbooks and streamline your distribution policies. Also, find out when during the year districts should perform various textbook-related tasks. This is a three-hour webinar.

Security Setup Training

Your district and schools manage lots of sensitive and important data and resources – students’ demographic information, textbook costs, 1:1 devices, and more. That’s where user hierarchy comes in. Use Destiny Resource Manager to create accounts for your users. Then, assign access levels that give permissions to only the data each person needs to do their job. This is a two-hour webinar.

In addition to the trainings listed here, Follett also offers pre-recorded webinars and other training courses. Choose from a variety of topics, including Destiny Discover®, Collections by Destiny®, Titlewave®, and TitleWise®. For more information, contact your Follett Sales Consultant. 

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