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The Follett Team can be part of your team.   

Scanning Barcodes

Let the Follett Team help you track, manage, and organize your fixed assets and other resources. We have the experience and expertise to supplement your time and personnel. When you outsource operational activities and other projects to our team of experts, you have more time for what matters most – helping students learn and grow. 

Here are a few examples of the types of projects our team can help you with: 

Barcoding Your Resources/Assets

  • We can barcode your existing assets for you and catalog them in Follett Destiny® Resource Manager for accurate tracking and distribution.

Inventorying Your Resources/Assets

  • We can refresh your current system with a more accurate accounting of your assets, resources, and devices – to help support auditsWe can also re-scan your resources and upload them to Destiny Resource Manager.

Managing Your Devices

  • We can barcode your devices for you and catalog every device in Destiny Resource Manager.

Developing or Improving Your Policies and Processes

  • We can provide expert help to put policies in place to manage your textbooks and assets with Destiny Resource Manager. We can also help you improve your processes, redefine accountabilities, and develop and deploy new supporting policies.

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