Accessit Library

Why is Accessit Library a powerful library management system for your school?  

Accessit Library offers your school a cutting-edge, secure learning platform that gives you the connectivity, visibility, and flexibility you need for resource discovery and management. Thanks to an easy and fast implementation, it enhances your library and non-library resource distribution in ways that work for the entire school community.

Accessit Library enables you to easily equip staff and students with a wide range of educational materials that promote meaningful learning, improving outcomes for students of all ages and abilities.

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All Your Resources in One Place

Centralize your school’s complete treasure trove of resources with Accessit One Search. Librarians can easily integrate online databases and subscriptions, putting all educational materials in one place.

Impactful Educational Experience

Your students will be inspired to take an active role in their own learning and discovery thanks to the wide variety of educational tools provided by Accessit Library.

Affordable and Versatile

With a rich array of management and financial reports, Accessit Library enables you to stay within your budget. It seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and can be accessed on almost any device.

Dependable and Secure

Accessit Library keeps your data secure and essentially runs itself, freeing up your IT department’s time and energy.

Powerful Curriculum Tool

Support students by supporting your curriculum. Access your lesson plans, worksheets, exam papers, and more, plus all of the educational resources you need to supplement them, all within Accessit Library.

How Accessit Library Supports Schools

Hear from educators just like you on how Accessit Library supports reading and learning for the entire school community.

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