How Follett Supports Librarians

Follett is proud to advocate for librarians as leaders, ensuring the library is an integral part of a future-ready world. Connecting students with the perfect resources, and partnering with teachers, administrators, and families, Follett helps place the library at the center of learning.

Follett offers content that’s unrivaled in quality and quantity, plus related technology and services. We make school libraries more efficient and effective, support active student learning, and create a more engaging and collaborative learning environment. From new collections to filling the gaps, librarians trust Follett to fill their shelves with possibility.

Library Products

We are proud to offer an outstanding level of customer service to our school and library partners.

Library Services

Librarians look to Follett for support to build or maintain their collections. From a wide selection of materials found on Titlewave® to specialized services.

Library Management System

More K-12 schools and districts use Follett Destiny® Library Manager for managing their library resources than any other platform.

Latest Updates

Makerspace & Hands-On Learning in Titlewave

Spark students’ curiosity and encourage collaboration and critical thinking skills to provide them with a well-rounded education through innovation and project-based learning.

Publisher Spotlight

Explore all that our publishers have to offer and learn why we love them. Discover a valuable array of new content, resources, and opportunities here from our publishing partners.

Titlewave Webinar Series

For new and advanced Titlewave® users. We will demonstrate how to quickly diagnose your library’s strengths and weaknesses with tools in Titlewave.


Who Was History Bee?

The Who Was? History Bee is coming to your child’s school or library! Brought to you by Penguin Young Readers, the publishers of the #1 New York Times best-selling book series, The Who Was? History Bee was created to get children excited and engaged with history in a new way.

Building Literacy with Wordless Picture Books

Fewer words, but just as fun! These wordless picture books build confidence and curiosity in young readers. Children will strengthen their inference and comprehension skills while using their imaginations to understand the story unfolding in front of them.

Our Favorite Beverly Cleary Books

For generations, readers of all ages have connected with the realistic characters and settings Beverly Cleary created in her books. Before becoming a published author, Cleary worked as a librarian. She knew firsthand the importance of young readers having access to books that were reflective of their worlds.

10 Books to Share with Students for Autism Acceptance Month

April is Autism Acceptance Month. To spark conversations and foster understanding in your library or classroom, we’ve put together a list of books for the occasion. Be sure to take a look at some of the free downloadable resources available to help guide lessons.

Top 3 Reasons to Track Library Books and Devices Differently

Teaching and learning are different now than two years ago. With hybrid learning in just about every district, there is an increased need for accountability, transparency, and reporting.

Read Across America: Empowering Our Youth Through Stories of Change

In 1998, the National Education Association (NEA) launched Read Across America, a year-round program focused on creating and celebrating a nation of diverse readers. Their ongoing mission is to motivate children and young adults to explore inclusive stories about everyone, for everyone.

Introduce Reluctant Readers to These Gripping Hi Lo Titles From Orca

High-interest, low readability (hi-lo) books can be harder to find as readers reach the Middle Grade and Young Adult years. Orca Book Publishers offers short hi-lo reads to engage these older age groups with the complex content they crave, in a package they can readily digest.

First Chapter Fridays: What You Need to Know

Starting First Chapter Friday in your middle school or high school language arts classroom? You won’t regret it! Starting First Chapter Friday requires no special tools, only students and a high-interest book with a dynamic first chapter. Implementing First Chapter Friday is simple. You have a few decisions to make concerning how you will implement the process in your classroom, but the actual activity is simple.

Promote Equity in Your Classroom or Library

Follett admires the teachers and librarians who are at the forefront of infusing social justice and equality into their teaching. To ensure you have what you need to support your students and make sure they feel affirmed and included, we’ve partnered with Penguin Young Readers Group to offer digital access to culturally responsive titles and educator guides.

Book List - Be Kind: Picture Books to Spread Kindness and Generosity

Celebrate the simple act of being generous and considerate with no expectation of return.

An essential social and emotional skill for young readers to develop, these picture books can help children understand the importance of kindness, community and self-empowerment – and just how easy those actions are to demonstrate.

New Books for Older Readers

Are you looking for fresh and thought-provoking books to share with your students in Grades 6-12? Don't miss these upcoming new releases that are sure to spark their interest!

Perfect Enough for a Pandemic

Join Mark Ray and his colleagues as they present, “Librarians Lead as Instructional Partners with Curation for Digital Learning.”

As educators, we are often expected to have all the answers, be in charge, and maintain control. “Perfection” is an ever-present, shiny target on our professional horizons. Both students and colleagues look to us to excel in the classroom, the library, and in our school. Our employee evaluations notably use the words proficient and distinguished to describe acceptable performance. For educators, good enough is rarely good enough.

New Books for Younger Readers

Are you looking for fun and thought-provoking books to share with your students in Grades K-5? Don't miss these upcoming new releases that are sure to spark student interest!


5 Ideas to Get Ready for the New Year

Every year during this time, I think about what I can do to get ready for the new year.  And this year especially, there have been a lot of lessons learned since the school year started, many of which can be used to help our students, teachers, and families too. 

New School Projects - They Truly Take A Village

During a record-breaking heat wave in Waco, Texas, last month, Andy Jensen and I spent four days working with two districts to shelve a new school and on several very large library refresh orders.

Make Reading a Family Event: A Parent's Take

With two young boys in our house, our time is consumed by schoolwork, extra activities, and, of course, an abundance of screens. Life gets pretty busy, and we do our best to carve out time as a family and dive into books and stories the kids can get excited about. To do this, it is important that we let them have a say in the books we choose to read.


Author Takeovers

During our Author Takeover events, we invite popular authors to candidly share insights into their works and how their books may be incorporated into distance learning and classroom plans. Visit Follett Community often so you don’t miss registration for upcoming events.

First Chapter Fridays

Looking for a great read? Listen to authors read the first chapter of their books! There’s something fun for all grade levels and interests.

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