Classroom Library Manager

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Follett Classroom Library Manager is a free tool you can use to keep your classroom library organized. Connect with your students and see what they’re reading at a glance.

Use Follett Classroom Library Manager to measure growth and create simple reports that provide insight into your students’ reading habits.

What is a classroom library?

When students have a readily available collection of books in the classroom, they read more and connect more with the lessons being taught.

How do I start a classroom library?

There are many considerations to keep in mind when building a classroom library that reflects the importance of literacy in your classroom. Follett offers curated classroom libraries around the topics in your lesson plans to give you a head start.

How do I organize my classroom library?

Keep your classroom library organized around topics like SEL, or arrange your books by author, series, or subject, for free with Follett Classroom Library Manager. Keep your shelves and bins in order, and track which books students are checking in and out with simple reports.

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