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Since 1873, educators have trusted Follett as a partner in the mission to build confident, independent, and well-rounded students.

For administrators, Follett-powered technology can help you track investments, maximize resources, and tap into student data. For librarians, Follett can help you build a diverse collection of print and digital resources that support every student. For teachers, the Follett universe of materials includes curated, standards-aligned, and customizable tools, plus an extensive selection of the books kids want to read.

From content to technology, Follett helps educators unlock potential in more than 45 million students worldwide. Learn more on how we support librarians, teachers, technology admins, curriculum leaders, superintendents, principals, and heads of school


How Follett Can Support Educators

Follett empowers PreK-12 educators with content, technology, and services designed to help schools and districts reach their goals.


Follett advocates for librarians as leaders, ensuring the library is central to a future-ready world.


Follett is a single, go-to, do-more source for the classroom.

Superintendents, Principals, and Heads of School

Follett-powered technology can track investments, maximize use of resources, and help you to support the whole student.

Technology Admins

Follett offers a suite of technologies that combine to provide your organization with a complete path to realize district success.

Free SEL Resources for Faculty and Staff

Visit our new Educator SEL resource page and dive into tools to strengthen connections among students, staff, and families that you can use all year long.


Access some of the best content and resources from the top publishers in the industry. You can also find your favorite authors, hot topic book lists, and much more.

Early Learning Support

Find the tools and resources you need to best support early learners. Shop books that introduce phonics, manipulatives that promote play-based learning, read-alouds that build classroom community, and so much more.

Remote eLearning Resources
Help with free eLearning and distance learning tools and resources for teachers, librarians, district administrators, and parents. View eLearning resources. >>


Social & Emotional Learning 
From relationship building to managing and understanding emotions, these resources are perfect for instilling empathy and responsibility in students. Learn more and view SEL resources. >>

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion 
Expose students to the stories and voices of different cultures, abilities, backgrounds, locations, and identities.  
Learn more and view our resources for diversity. >>

Genre Solutions 
Create a library space that gives students easy access to books they love with the ability to explore new genres with ease, thus freeing you up to provide greater assistance to students in need. 
Learn about genres. >>

In more than 180 countries, we help educators manage their libraries, get exciting new content, and encourage student development worldwide. Learn about our global reach. >>

Parochial Schools
We’re ready to meet the unique needs of your parochial school with books and resources that support your students’ academic as well as spiritual learning.
Learn about parochial school resources. >>

Follett gives back.

We’re committed to supporting the communities we serve through charitable giving, volunteer efforts, and more. Follett strives to make a positive impact on the lives of educators, students, and society at large. 

Follett Educational Foundation
The Follett Educational Foundation was established by the Follett family four generations ago to support the sons and daughters of Follett associates as they pursue higher education.

Book Donations and More
Follett is always ready to help schools and other educational organizations. We donate approximately $250,000 worth of good-willed books and materials each year to schools in need of quick replenishment following a disaster.

Follett is also a proud supporter of Bernie’s Book Bank, donating more than 70,000 books annually.