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The Follett Team can be part of your team.   

Follett is already helping you build, organize, and maintain your collections with Follett Destiny® Library Manager, so why not let us do more? Whether you want help organizing, genrefying, or with one of the many other services we offer, the Follett Team will integrate seamlessly with your team to make your job easier. We can even send a certified librarian to help on-site!

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If you are ready for help but not sure what to outsource, here are a few ideas:

Librarian for a Day

Need a little extra support? Follett will send in a certified librarian to work with you, answering your questions and providing guidance on library organization and how to best use Follett Destiny® Library Manager.

Consolidation and Redistribution

Follett has the experts to analyze thousands of records, consolidate them, and redistribute your collection based on your needs. Follett teams will perform the consolidation or redistribution analysis remotely, then come on-site to physically pack the books and reshelve your collection at the new site in the most efficient ways possible.


Follett can help refresh your current system with more accurate accounting of your inventory and re-scan all your materials, updating the Follett Destiny® record. Let us walk you through the process of organizing through remote or on-site consultation.

Update and Replace Spine Label

Has your library implemented a spine label system that is no longer preferred? Follett can update and replace old spine labels and ensure Follett Destiny® Library Manager reflects the appropriate call number.


Follett will assess and plan your library with collection analysis, physically weed your library, purge the weeded materials from Follett Destiny® Library Manager, and update your collection to meet curriculum, learning, or reading interest needs.

Order Typing Services

Our Order Typing Service saves you hours of preparing title lists, checking for duplicates, reviewing prices, and adding columns of figures.

Cataloging and Processing

Follett can not only barcode your library books but also catalog them within Follett Destiny® Library Manager so you receive your order ready for the shelf. Your order will be shipped to you barcoded and in True Dewey sequence or organized according to your genrefied library layout. This gives you the ability to check books in and out knowing that circulation will be accurately tracked.