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Maximize Asset Management and Drive Efficiency with Follett Destiny® 21.0: Revolutionizing Educational Resource Management

Welcome to Follett Destiny® 21.0! This complete library and resource management system can be accessed from anywhere, 24/7, helping to strengthen the bond between the library, classroom, and home, and we continue to improve the Destiny Suite for today’s students, teachers, administrators, and librarians.

This new version incorporates many of your suggestions for Destiny Resource Manager, including automatic updates (hooray!). You will also enjoy a unified user experience across multiple Destiny solutions – streamlining your workflows and productivity. We are confident the enhanced features and functions will meet your needs.

Of course, you will want to begin using these enhancements right away. We’re excited about them too! Please note, if you have a version of Destiny earlier than 12.0, you must first update to Destiny 12.0 before you can update to version 21.0. Also, some Destiny Discover features will not be visible until you upgrade to Destiny 21.0.

Now, let’s talk about those updates! 

Feature Highlight #1: Our Best User Experience Yet  

As soon as you enable our new user experience – one that offers a wide range of benefits and makes getting around Destiny easier for everyone – you’ll probably be voted employee of the month. Your colleagues are going to love it. 

From a redesigned district landing page to updated dashboards, here are a few of the user experience upgrades you and your team can look forward to:  

  • Quickly locate schools within your district using the new search tool.
  • Seamlessly navigate between Follett Destiny solutions using the new waffle menu button.
  • Never lose your place working within Destiny Suite while navigating between sites and Follett solutions.
  • Streamline your work with updated dashboards for school and district admins.

If you do get voted employee of the month, we don’t need any credit. Really, you earned it! Just enjoy the enhanced user experience (and your newfound popularity). 

Feature Highlight #2: Getting in Tune with Intune 

You can now use the Follett Mobile Device Management (MDM) integration for Microsoft Intune to manage devices and reduce redundant data maintenance. This enhancement is exciting because it means you can use static or dynamic groups to select which devices to synchronize with Destiny. 

Additionally, the Extension Attribute fields in Intune can be mapped to fields in Destiny, giving you additional flexibility for other data points, such as barcode/asset tags. For districts without any site information in Intune, you now have the option to leave the setup without group-to-site mapping and select a default Destiny site to be used when NEW items are being added to Destiny. Yes, we’re excited about it too! 

For more information on how to set up MDM integration, see Overview of Destiny Resource Manager’s MDM Integration: Microsoft Intune in the Mobile Device Management Integration Help Center

Feature Highlight #3: A Friendly Reminder and Reporting Enhancements

To avoid unintentional oopsies that might upset your colleagues, we’ve added a reminder that any changes to the resource template settings will apply to all sites in the district. 

You will see the reminder template verbiage at the top of these pages: 

  • Edit Resource Type Templates
  • Add Template
  • Duplicate Template

We know you wouldn’t intentionally edit all the templates at once, but with everything on your plate, we can see how a button or two could get clicked accidentally. We’re just trying to keep the peace and help make your workday as stress-free as possible. 

While we’re at it, we’ve also updated the Current Checkouts/Fines report. If your district includes data in the District Identifier Field, you will now see the identifier next to the item’s barcode number in all output formats. 

Valerie Thompson, IT Program Manager, Rapid City Area Schools, says this update has been “a huge time savings within our district.” It cuts extra steps and helps to simplify tracking. 

Here’s what we’re excited about.

We asked our in-house Destiny experts what excites them most about this latest update. Here’s what they had to say:   

  • User Experience: “District- and site-level users can view the resource dashboard to get an at-a-glance view of resources within the district/site.”
  • Circulation Highlights and Improved Reporting: “Districts that utilize the District Identifier field on the item record can now see that value on all variations of the Current/Checkouts and Fines report.”
  • Microsoft Intune: “Like the MDM integration abilities with Google Workspace™ and Jamf Pro, districts can now integrate with Microsoft Intune to automate the process of loading data into Destiny Resource Manager when it is loaded into the configured static/dynamic groups in Intune.”
  • Increased Efficiency: “Data is visible to the users more easily. With Intune, customers can automate the loading of data from Intune into Destiny.”
  • Innovation: “Adding Intune to the list of MDM applications available for synchronizing with Destiny is another step forward for Resource Manager.”

We hope you’re as excited about these updates as we are! Watch this on-demand video to learn more about the Destiny 21.0 release and see the new features in action.  

Watch now. 

To read the complete release notes, click here. 

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