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10 Reasons to Love Follett Book eFairs

Students, librarians, teachers, parents, and community members love online book fundraising with Follett Book eFairs. Keep reading to learn the top 10 reasons why.

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And now for those 10 reasons…

1. Time-Saving Solution 
You can get your Book eFair up and running in minutes. Educators are busy and your students need you. A Book eFair enables you to stay focused on what matters most – helping young minds learn and grow. To launch your Book eFair, simply visit the easy-to-use Book eFair website, choose the dates for your Book eFair, and select your school’s grade level range. That’s it! 

2. The Best Selection of Books 
Students and families who shop Book eFairs love the carefully selected range of books spanning Grades PreK-5 and 6-8. Refreshed each fall and spring, Book eFair selections consist of new releases and great fiction and nonfiction titles from leading PreK-8 publishers. There’s something for every reader. And with a wide selection of paperback titles, your readers will find low-priced books for every budget.  

3. No Minimum Sales Requirement 
Minimum sales thresholds required by other book fair vendors can be prohibitive for some schools. That’s why our Book eFairs don’t have one. The more you sell the more rewards you earn, but you don’t have to commit to selling a minimum amount to host a Book eFair. Instead, you can focus on increasing access to great books, helping your school earn valuable rewards, and creating strong, independent readers. 

4. Available Everywhere in the US 
Every student should have access to the books they want to read, and every school should have the opportunity to earn great rewards. What if you can’t run a traditional book fair? No problem. Book eFairs are a great option if on-site book fairs do not deliver to your school area. In fact, rather than being an alternative option for school book fairs, online Book eFairs are a future-forward way to host a book fair and support reading ­– wherever you are in the US!  

5. No Volunteers Needed  
Recruiting, assigning, and managing volunteers can be a lot of work – no matter how much you appreciate them. Since Book eFairs don’t require hours of physical labor and setup like an on-site book fair, don’t have day-of volunteer roles to fill, and come with effortless shipping and distribution, you can put away your volunteer spreadsheet for now. An online book fair should simplify your workload, not complicate it.

6. Promotional Kit and Digital Resources  
Approximately two weeks before the start of your Book eFair, you’ll receive a marketing kit to help you promote your online book fair and generate excitement throughout your school and community. The kit will include title highlight flyers to send home with students and posters to display around school. The Book eFairs website also contains many great digital resources, including social media graphics, web banners, family letter templates, and much more!

7.  The BEST Rewards  
For every dollar your Book eFair earns, your school will receive 20% back in the form of a Titlewave® Promotional Credit*Titlewave is the most popular K-12 content curation and book ordering tool in education. You can use your Titlewave Credits to choose from millions of titles from thousands of publishers, select from different book binding types, and have the option to catalog and process your books. 

8. Completely Digital  
Follett Book eFairs are completely digital. That means you don’t have to handle cash, collect checks, or manage orders. You also don’t have to worry about learning new software or battling with credit card readers to ensure they stay connected to the school’s wi-fi. With Book eFairs, everything is done through an easy-to-navigate online website. Families, school staff, and community members you share your Book eFair code with can browse titles, place orders, and pay online.

9. Effortless Distribution  
Organizing and distributing orders for in-person book fairs can be headache-inducing. Depending on how many books you have to lift and manage, they can be backache-inducing, too. With Book eFairs, you can put away the pain relievers because there is no heavy lifting. Once your event closes, all orders ship to your school for free – bagged by student and boxed by classroom. No sorting needed!

10. Fun and Hassle-Free 
When you don’t have to recruit volunteers, organize distribution, handle cash, and all the other tasks that accompany a standard book fair, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience. Chat with students about which books they’re buying and why. Brainstorm with colleagues about how to spend your Titlewave credits to improve your school and classroom libraries. And pat yourself on the back for discovering the fun, easy, and hassle-free way to host an online book fair.

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Need one more reason? Shannon McClintock Miller, Director of Innovation of Instructional Technology and Library Media at Van Meter Community School District in Iowa, shared why she loves Follett Book eFairs:

“For our school library, we have two in-person book fairs every year that are a very important part of the funding that supports our library program. With the addition of Follett Book eFairs, we can also have an online book fair at different times of the year to increase the funding we bring to our library while supporting our readers, families, and communities in a variety of ways. I love Follett Book eFairs!”  

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*Titlewave Promotional Credits are valid for two years from date issued. 

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