Destiny Resource Manager

Solve Your District’s Asset Management Needs with Destiny Resource Manager 

Join the over 25,000 schools saving time and money using Follett Destiny® Resource Manager to easily track all district assets. Keep tabs on your technology and curriculum resources in one easy-to-use software system. Optimize your investments and handle audit reporting with full transparency while leaving no student empty-handed. Current Follett Destiny® Library Manager customers can easily integrate Follett Destiny® Resource Manager to cover the full spectrum of assets. 

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Watch how Follett Destiny® Resource Manager can help solve your unique inventory management challenges. 

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Reclaim Funds with Asset Management

Use this calculator to add up your district’s potential gain from more efficient asset tracking and district resource management.

Technology Assets and Curriculum Resources

25,000 schools already have complete control over their assets with Follett Destiny® Resource Manager.

Key Features to Master District Resource Management

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Implement with Ease

"Follett Destiny Resource Manager’s reporting features really help our campuses with their end-of-year collection of materials. It allowed us to have 100% collection rate from our seniors for their textbooks."

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