Technology Admins

How Follett Supports Technology Admins

Power learning with technology.

In the library, in the classroom, and in the district office, Follett makes it easier for librarians to maximize their resources, teachers to build meaningful lessons, administrators to gain useful insights, and, most importantly, students to learn.

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Destiny Technology Suite

With our Follett Destiny® suite, you can leverage Follett Destiny® Library Manager and Follett Destiny® Resource Manager to track and manage all district resources.

Student Information System

A Student Information System (SIS) is a platform to collect, analyze, and report on student grades, attendance, social and emotional well-being, and much more.

Technology News

Top 3 Reasons to Track Library Books and Devices Differently

Teaching and learning are different now than two years ago. With hybrid learning in just about every district, there is an increased need for accountability, transparency, and reporting. When you are already tracking library books with a library management system, you might consider simply tracking all assets within your library management system. Here are three reasons why you are setting yourself up for failure.

5 Ways to Maximize Destiny Resource Manager

As one of 25,000 schools that use Follett Destiny® Resource Manager to easily track all district assets, you have access to an easy-to-use, centralized school management system that enables you to manage and distribute curriculum and technology resources, ensuring that you’re making the most of your investment. The best part is that Resource Manager is always evolving with customer-requested features that support your unique needs. 

Pandemic Best Practices

The sudden closure of schools across the country in mid-March and the resulting pivot to distance learning has meant that the role of school librarian has shifted into a whole new gear. Certainly, the picture looks different from district to district and even school to school, but the American Association of School Librarians has been staying in touch with its membership in a number of ways, including a periodic survey that offers a snapshot of what the school librarian’s work looks like during the pandemic.

Follett Launches API Partner Program

Follett has launched a partner program that will make it easy for its Follett Destiny® and Follett Aspen® customers to implement time- and cost-saving integrations and streamline data exchange with their existing vendors. The API (Application Programming Interface) Partner Program will allow Follett to help customers extend and enhance the capabilities of their Follett Destiny® and Follett Aspen® solutions and take full advantage of Follett’s open-APIs  via the company’s growing partner portfolio. 

Destiny® is Migrating to Azure

During the past several months, Follett has invested tremendous energy into rolling out Follett Destiny® 18.0 and launching our new app, Follett Destiny Discover®. The improvements in the software and the app provide enhanced access to your school’s library content and the ability for educators, students, and parents to use resources wherever they are. 

Destiny Open APIs (Developer's Guide)

The Follett Destiny® Open APIs provide a way for application developers to interact with the Follett Destiny® application server using a series of RESTful web services. (As of Follett Destiny® 16.5, the Destiny Open APIs are in beta.)

Inventory Power in the Palm of Your Hand

Whether it’s from school-to-school, classroom-to-classroom, or school-to-home with students, resources move around a lot during a school year. With the end of another year right around the corner, it’s time to find out what you still have in your schools, and what may be missing or misplaced. The Inventory feature in Follett Destiny® makes it quick and easy to tell you what books and materials you have, and where they are (or should be).