SuperIntendents & Principals

How Follett Supports Superintendents, Principals, and Heads of School

Follett helps you provide the right materials, instruction, and technology across your schools to help make faster, smarter decisions.

From finding books to fill a new school library, to supporting the operations of a district, Follett provides administrators with tools and support that encourage efficiency and student success.

With a track record of world-class implementation in schools around the world, Follett has cultivated unmatched trust among librarians, teachers, and school leaders for 148 years.


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District Services

Follett saves you time and maximizes your resources with specialized services and advice. Our goal is to make managing your textbooks, library, and assets as easy, fast, and effective as possible.

Student Information System

Follett Aspen® Student Information System (SIS) is a platform to collect, analyze, and report on student grades, attendance, social and emotional well-being, and much more.

Follett Destiny® Technology Suite

Improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness while inspiring student learning.


Trauma-Sensitive Instruction and Leadership in Schools

As schools continue working through the current pandemic, lots of conversation turns to the challenges of the time and the difficulty students have experienced related to trauma. However, let’s be perfectly clear – prior to the pandemic, many of our students were facing challenging and stressful home lives. As school leaders, we can instill in our staff an understanding of the importance of noticing changes in our children and working together to address these changes.

STEM Education Needs to Go Beyond the Employment Gap

Once seen as a place reserved for the school “Geeks,” STEM clubs and Makerspaces are now drawing a variety of students. In 2009, I started my first STEM Club at a local K-8 school and within a few years I had multiple summer camps running, hosting monthly segments on our NBC station, offering weekend workshops at the Microsoft Store, and participating on committees focused around STEM and workforce development.

Destiny Resource Manager And Destiny Library Manager: The Perfect Combination For Managing All School Assets In A Large District

With nearly 50 campuses and more than 45,000 students, Alief Independent School District (ISD) in Texas must know at any moment where its technology devices, components, and library resources are located. This need intensified in early 2020 when the pandemic unfolded and has only increased since then.

Inventory Power in the Palm of Your Hand

Whether it’s from school-to-school, classroom-to-classroom, or school-to-home with students, resources move around a lot during a school year. With the end of another year right around the corner, it’s time to find out what you still have in your schools, and what may be missing or misplaced. The Inventory feature in Follett Destiny® makes it quick and easy to tell you what books and materials you have, and where they are (or should be).

Follett Aspen Empowers Student Life Center to Provide Life-Changing Services

"The Marietta Student Life Center actively removes barriers to success to ensure that every student can not only thrive, but graduate college- and career-ready.” -- Casey Cagle, Former Lieutenant Governor Georgia

How Follett Collections by Destiny® Has Fostered Collaboration in My School

My teachers ask for help with resources when planning lessons but Collections has taken those requests to a new level. Knowing that I can create something so useful for them, they come to me more often to ask for help. Learn why Collections prompts teacher comments like: "THIS IS AMAZING!"

Superintendent of Schools Becomes Librarian for the Day

When Dr. Mullins, Superintendent of Brevard Public Schools, showed up to be Librarian for the Day, I was ready to let our students and our program shine. I quickly gave him a tour of the space and then showed him each of our Makerspace stations for the day, the challenge activities for each station and explained how those challenges would change class-by-class.

Remote Realities

Across the country, school librarians are adapting their teaching and outreach to support students in remote-learning and hybrid-class models and meet shifting demands.

New Features Help Follett Aspen® SIS Districts Adapt to Distance Learning

 As the COVID-19 pandemic calls upon many schools and districts to continue distance learning, Follett has responded.

As the COVID-19 pandemic calls upon many schools and districts to continue distance learning, Follett has responded to educators’ needs by adding new convenient features to its student information system, which serves more than two million students throughout the United States and Canada.