• Follett is committed to data security and supporting our customers’ data privacy needs. As student data collection evolves, Follett continues to provide and enhance the necessary levels of security to ensure your student information is secure and private in our learning management and educational systems.

    Protection of individual sensitive and personally identifiable information (i.e. PII) is a priority for Follett. To ensure compliance with all applicable privacy legislation Follett has established policies and processes that focus on the protection of all potentially sensitive customer data. Follett has invested in technologies that support the protection and provide security of data while in transit or at-rest.

  • Follett is proud to be one of the first signers of the national Student Privacy Pledge regarding the collection, maintenance, and use of student personal information. The pledge states: “School service providers take responsibility to both support the effective use of student information and safeguard student privacy and information security.”

    Follett takes the Student Privacy Pledge seriously and strives to go above and beyond the privacy constructs defined within.

  • Aspen provides several levels of security that control access to your system from people external to your organization, internal to your organization, and even among other Follett products that you are using.

  • The Follett Destiny® suite shares many of the same security attributes as Aspen including multiple levels of support data security.

  • Follett's dedication to data security best practices applies to our eBook products and eReader platform, as well.

  • The Data Center where Follett houses and manages its servers is an approximately 3,000 square-foot, raised-floor facility. Physical access to the data center is controlled by a card proximity reader. Only individuals with a role that requires access to the data center are permitted in the raised floor area. Access to the mechanical space is similarly controlled. A camera system has been installed at the doors to the data center to record entrance and exit to the raised floor and mechanical space. Procedures are in place to log the access to the data center.

    Data Center-contained server access is similarly controlled with secured access by Follett employees as well as approved designated third party vendors and systems including development consultants, hardware vendors, SIF agents, and more.

  • Follett is committed to helping our customers demonstrate the privacy and security of their student data. Our security features are designed to provide physical and digital security and empower districts to develop, enact, and enforce their privacy policies. For more information about our data security, please contact us.