Destiny Resource Manager


Make the Most of Your Asset Management

Districts should feel confident that their assets are accurately allocated toward their biggest investment — students. Follett Destiny® Resource Manager covers all aspects of resource management, including: 

  • Tracking every aspect of your inventory with this easy-to-use K-12 asset management system. From technology devices to textbooks, Follett Destiny® Resource Manager tracks the distribution of assets from checkout to check-in. Keep tabs on everything with digital signature agreements, maintaining accountability among students and staff.
  • Never struggling with an audit report again. Follett Destiny® Resource Manager can automatically complete a physical inventory of assets to ensure compliance.
  • Easily integrating data from Follett Destiny® Library Manager to seamlessly upgrade your inventory management.

Key Features

  • Distribution and Collection – Track the full distribution of assets to students, staff, departments, and other locations for accountability. Easily collect assets at semester or year-end and charge fees for losses or damage.
  • Transfer – Move/reallocate assets around the locations in your district to ensure students have the resources they need to succeed.
  • Inventory/Audits – Complete periodic physical inventories of technology and/or curriculum assets at all locations to ensure data accuracy and record losses.  Capture complete audit trail of all transactions and usage activity for each asset.
  • MDM (Mobile Device Management) Integration – Load and sync device data from Google Workspace and/or Jamf Pro to eliminate redundant maintenance across systems. Update your MDM system for various actions, such as items marked as lost or stolen.
  • Digital Signature Agreements – Capture digital signatures for documents used in your distribution and collection workflows.
  • Help Desk Integration – Maintain help tickets in Resource Manager or send help tickets to your help desk system and receive updates back as tickets are handled.
  • Reporting – Allow districts and schools to view a variety of reports on value, usage and inventory.
  • Detailed Permission Settings – Configure access level options to ensure that only authorized users maintain and view each type of asset in the system.

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By the Numbers

"Within a week, we had more than 40,000 Chromebooks uploaded and enough training in place.” Follett Destiny® Resource Manager saved the day for California's Stockton Unified School District as the pandemic hit. See how it can solve your unique challenges.

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“Without even having to go visit a site, we can easily share reports digitally to see what inventory sits on sites and in homes.”

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