• It’s no secret that eContent is being utilized more today than ever before. But organizing and locating your school’s eContent can be a real challenge. Thankfully, Follett eBooks are easy to integrate in to the classroom and library with our built-in eBook Management Software.

    Destiny® Discover Search and other parts of the Destiny Library Manager™ platform for K-12 schools provide one environment to manage, discover, and access your Follett eBooks.

    Looking for your school’s Follett eBooks? Find Your eBooks

  • Follett’s Destiny platforms allow you to streamline and effectively distribute your district’s eContent with a consistent, centralized management solution. Destiny Library Manger provides native support for Follett eContent and district content management.

    When you combine Follett eBooks with Destiny, you’ll be able to easily:

    • Share: Distribute a specific eBook collection across an entire school district 
    • Advocate: Support circulation types and patron types aligned with district-wide policies 
    • Manage: Respond proactively to schools facing specific challenges with eBook usage 
  • Destiny’s Discover Search interface provides a best-in-class digital experience, all with native Follett eBook support. With easy discoverability of Follett eContent and direct access to your digital content, Discover Search simplifies the experience for users and eliminates the need to support multiple platforms. 

    Destiny also provides direct access to Follett eBook administrative features so you can easily manage setup options or your print and digital collections all in one place.

    From eBooks to audiobooks and digital databases, our eContent management platform provides quick access to all of your digital library and classroom resources. This access can be had anytime, anywhere with destinydiscover.com and the Destiny Discover app.

  • From day 1 to year 10 and beyond, we're with you every step of the way.