• Have the flexibility you need to keep students reading in the classroom, the media center or at home with Follett eBooks for schools and libraries.

    With more than 650,000 eBook titles to choose from, we have all key subject areas covered – Early Learning, Easy Readers, Graphic Novels, Professional, Science, Easy Fiction, Math, and more – with more than 2,500 publishers focused on providing the latest eBooks to K-12 educators.

  • Follett eBooks have several advantages over traditional printed books, helping  educators create involving, effective lessons for every subject. Follett eBooks are designed specifically for school, classroom, and library use – providing benefits for students of all ages.

    By using Follett eBooks in the classroom and school library, you can:

    • Call attention to key concepts with the highlighting tool; students can mark important information to come back to later
    • Incorporate an interactive whiteboard or as part of an activity to appeal to contemporary students' learning preferences
    • Turn a graphic novel into a lesson on grammar or make a popular title part of everyday education
    • Watch students stretch their reading and reference skills as they use eBooks in the classroom or library for lessons and research
    • Look up unfamiliar terms and concepts using the built-in keyword search and dictionary in the online reader
    • Organize, manage, and facilitate discovery of your eContent with support from our eBook Management Software
  • Take the guesswork out of finding the best titles for your digital collection by targeting your search using Titlewave®’s eBook Bundles function. With well-reviewed and award-winning titles hand-picked by our team of experts, our school library eBook Bundles have everything you’re looking for.

Give an unlimited number of teachers and students 24/7 access to thousands of Follett eBooks. These Unlimited Simultaneous Access Follett eBooks offer a per-building license for unlimited simultaneous reading online.

  • Dive right in with the same Follett reader; no new buttons to learn
  • Build reading initiatives throughout the entire school building
  • Maintain consistency with the same usage reports available

For institutions or consortiums with multiple locations, each applicable location must have its own one to unlimited license.

Follett eBooks allow your school library to stay relevant and engage contemporary students. Our eBooks are designed specifically for educational use, ensuring that your organizational needs are met.

Turn to our Resource Center to enhance your Follett eBook use. From quick reference guides to customizable marketing materials and videos – each resource is designed to promote eBooks for casual reading, research, and more. 

  • Follett eBooks and Destiny have been updated for the 2018-2019 school year.

    Follett technology products, including Follett eBooks and audiobooks, Destiny Discover®, Destiny® Library Manager, Destiny Resource Manager and Destiny Analytics have received updates for this new school year.

    A simpler and more reliable digital experience is now available!

    Follett eBooks and audiobooks will use new reader functionality that provides a simplified reading experience and improved support for offline reading in Destiny Discover and Destiny Library Manager.

    To support a consistent digital reading experience across K-12 schools and public libraries, we’ve been working with our Baker & Taylor public library team on an improved digital experience, and cooperative programs between public libraries and schools to share broader access to public library digital content.


    What do you need to do?

    Follett has updated the digital platform to support the new reader functionality. Your Follett eBooks and audiobooks will continue to be accessible. Your Follett eBooks and audiobooks will automatically open in the new reader within Destiny Library Manager and Destiny Discover. There is no Destiny upgrade required for these changes.

    For IOS®, macOS® and Windows devices, the existing Discover app will direct the user to a new web app experience.

    Once the user has created a bookmark to the new web app experience, the old app can be removed.  

    We recommend that you accept the latest updates to the Destiny Discover app on iOS and Android™ devices.

    The new Discover and reader experience supports offline eBook reading through the use of the browser storage.  If the device is not connected to the Internet, the user will only be able to access previously downloaded eBooks.

    What resources are available to inform teachers and students?

    Updated quick reference guides and videos are available in the Resource Center.  These resources can be used to assist staff and students in transition to the new experience. 

    Register for the What’s New in Destiny 16.0 webinar to learn more about these changes.