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Come as you are to #BeWhoYouAreDay.

Todd Parr inspires and empowers children around the world with fun, positive messages. Parr wants every kid to feel just how special they truly are, and that’s why we encourage you to celebrate the third annual #BeWhoYouAreDay on Saturday, September 30! 

Created by Little, Brown Young Readers, #BeWhoYouAreDay celebrates Parr and his books that promote individuality, positivity, kindness, and inclusivity. He addresses important topics in a way that feels necessary and appropriate, with a sensibility that’s kid-friendly and fun.

Join Parr to celebrate the kids in your life as they continue to navigate an ever-changing world around them while discovering and revering who they are! All are invited to join in on the positivity!

Join in on the festivities.

Register for a live #BeWhoYouAreDay virtual event with Todd Parr where he will discuss his books, offer a drawing demo, and encourage kids to express themselves through art. 

Register Here

Celebrate further with these coloring sheets and other activities!

>> #BeWhoYouAreDay coloring sheet 

>> #BeWhoYouAreDay activity sheets 

>> #BeWhoYouAre drawing activities 

Step into the wonderous world of Todd Parr and his tales of acceptance here.

It’s Okay to Be Different 

This is a reassuring book that inspires kids to celebrate their individuality through acceptance of others and self-confidence – and it’s never too early to develop a healthy self-esteem. This title is designed to encourage early literacy, enhance emotional development, celebrate multiculturalism and diversity, and promote character growth.

Be Who You Are

The companion to his beloved classic It’s Okay to Be Different, this title encourages kids to be proud of who they are inside, and who better than Todd Parr to remind kids that their unique traits are what make them so special? With his signature silly and accessible style, Parr encourages readers to embrace all their special qualities.

The Don’t Worry Book

A book that reassures kids everywhere that even when things are scary or confusing, or might make them worry – from loud news, to loud neighbors, or a big day at school, there’s always something comforting around the corner. With his signature humor and instantly recognizable style, Todd speaks out to kids who are feeling the weight of their world, offering solutions and comfort, as well as giggles.

The Kindness Book

The Kindness Book takes on a topic more important than ever: being kind to each other. This subject is both a perfect fit for Todd’s cheerful, child-friendly positivity and incredibly close to Todd’s own heart. No matter what other people choose to do, you can always choose to be kind – and what a wonderful thing to be!

It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

A book that embraces life’s happy accidents; the mistakes and mess-ups that can lead to self-discovery. From coloring outside the lines and creating a unique piece of art to forgetting an umbrella but making a new friend, each page offers a kid-friendly take on the importance of taking chances, trying new things, and embracing life, mistakes and all.

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