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Decodable Books for Beginner and Catch-Up Readers from DK Learning

Phonic Books, a part of DK Learning, publishes decodable books. They understand that learning phonics is the foundation of long-lasting reading comprehension. Developed by literacy experts and aligned to the Science of Reading Phonic Books’ high-interest decodable book series follows a structured sequence with incremental progression, helping students to advance naturally, whether they are just starting out or need further support in learning how to read. With multiple genres and age-appropriate series, Phonic Books makes reading exciting for kids of all ages and interests. 

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Phonic Books for Beginner Readers

Phonic Books has a range of books for beginner readers: Dandelion Launchers, Dandelion Readers, and Dragon Eggs. Activity books are available to accompany them to further develop language fluency, comprehension, spelling, and writing.

Dandelion Launchers 

Dandelion Launchers is a fully decodable phonic series for beginner readers. Each book in this series introduces a few letters and sounds at a time, which aids independent reading from the outset. 

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Dandelion Readers

Dandelion Readers are for beginner readers aged 4-7 and introduce vowel digraphs. These fully decodable books offer more text on a page to build reading stamina and are an ideal resource for Grades K-2.

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Dragon Eggs

Dragon Eggs includes 10 stories, each focusing on a different vowel sound. They are a great resource for children who are not yet fluent readers and need to revisit those tricky vowel digraphs. 

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Phonic Books for Older Readers

Catch-up Readers 

Catch-up readers are ideal for striving readers ages 8 and up who might be experiencing learning loss. These follow the same scope and sequence as the series for young beginner readers, but with illustrations and stories that are age respectful. 

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Based on many years of reading instruction experience, the founders of Phonic Books have developed a range of decodable books, workbooks, and games for beginner and striving readers. Supplement any phonics program within your school or district with any of these great series!

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