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DK Eyewitness Books: From the World to the Classroom

From the secrets of ancient Egypt to the workings of the human body, DK Eyewitness books bring fascinating topics to life in your classroom and library.

New Books for a New Generation 

The best-selling DK Eyewitness series for children has been updated and reinvigorated for a new generation of curious kids with a new look, more facts, and more fun than ever before to help kids find their passion. Updated information, refreshed photographs, and new features – including firsthand eyewitness accounts from experts in the field – bring fascinating topics to life for readers ages nine and up. 

The DK Eyewitness science and social studies guides for elementary school educators include sample lessons, activities, ideas for group work, projects, homework, and other suggestions for using the Eyewitness collection in elementary school classrooms.

The DK Eyewitness science and social studies guides for middle school educators provide suggestions for incorporating Eyewitness books and materials in middle school classrooms and outline how the books are closely related to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

The free educator guides are available for download below. 


Science is all around us. It’s part of our daily lives, even when we don’t notice its beauty and magic. The DK Eyewitness collection covers core science topics explored in the classroom, such as weather, natural disasters, climate change, oceans, rocks and minerals, and animals. The easy-to-follow text and modern designs bring science topics to life in a way that appeals to the current generation of students, who are used to consuming bite-sized and highly visual content. 

Elementary School Science Educator Guide  Middle School Science Educator Guide 


Volcano & Earthquake 

Kids can become eyewitnesses to Earth’s most explosive volcanoes and learn what it’s like to experience an earthquake firsthand in this picture-led guide to the natural world. From present threats to past disasters, Volcano & Earthquake explains how tectonic plates collide, what causes magma to escape from deep inside the planet, why eruptions affect our weather, how scientists predict and measure the magnitude of earthquakes, and what a volcanologist does. Fascinating photos transport young readers right to the center of the action.



Why does it rain? How hot is a bolt of lightning? What causes a cold front to occur? What does it take to be a weather scientist? Weather answers these burning questions and more, turning young readers into meteorology experts in no time. From tropical storm clouds viewed from above to close-ups of snowflake crystals, this DK Eyewitness book transports kids to the eye of the storm and enables them to experience weather like never before.


The Amazon 

This book takes the much-loved DK Eyewitness formula and applies it to the subject of the largest and most biodiverse tract of tropical rainforest in the world – and the vast river that winds its way through it. The Amazon profiles the people, birds, animals, and insects that live there, the nine South American countries it extends across, and more. Transport young readers to one of the world’s most incredible natural environments and introduce them to the beauty and diversity of all that is found there.

Social Studies

The DK Eyewitness collection covers topics carefully selected to match those commonly covered in social studies lessons, including history, civics, economics, geography, and more. These social studies books include comprehensive information and important events, brought to life with nonfiction text and highly visual content that engages learners and enhances critical-thinking skills.

 Elementary School Social Studies Educator Guide  Middle School Social Studies Educator Guide 

American Revolution 

From the events that sparked the Revolutionary War to the signing of the Constitution, kids can become eyewitnesses to the American struggle for independence and come face-to-face with American revolutionaries like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin. With its visual approach and easy-to-follow format, American Revolution takes young readers back in time to discover the birth of our nation.


Ancient Rome 

Ancient Rome gives young readers a front-row seat to the birth of one of history’s greatest civilizations. From the story of Rome’s rise from a small city-state ruled by kings to one of the most powerful empires in history to everyday life and gladiator fights in the world-famous Coliseum, Ancient Rome transports kids back to the 8th century BCE. This museum of a book profiles Roman emperors, life as a soldier in the Roman army, how citizens spent their days and free time, and more.



Take students on a trip through the evolution of trains to discover how railroads have revolutionized not only travel but also our world. Get to know George Stephenson, the “Father of the Railroad.” Read about pivotal moments in the history of trains. Study the engineering of how the movement of the piston turns the wheels. Experience iconic train journeys from the comfort of home and more. With its gripping, detailed images and informative bursts of text, Train is sure to excite students and teachers alike.

We hope these DK Eyewitness books and resources enhance your science and social studies lessons in the classroom and library to help you bring fascinating topics to life for young readers.

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