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Virtual Library Ideas


Like many educators, Shannon McClintock Miller, district teacher librarian at Van Meter Community School and Future Ready Librarian spokesperson, has been brainstorming, planning and creating many ways to connect her students to reading, books, Makerspace materials and other experiences in this virtual world.

Introducing BOOKHUB and DESTINYFLIX! Shannon created these two virtual library ideas that you can use at your school and with your students. Learn more below. 

BOOKHUB: Taking after the beloved GRUBHUB, students (K-12) can order print books online and be delivered from their school library through Destiny.  

This coming fall, Shannon’s students will be staying in their classrooms, and the librarians must come to the classroom with books. To make this fun and engaging for students and to keep them reading, Shannon created BOOKHUB to allow the students to "order" what type of books they want. Once they put in their order, the librarians will do the "shopping" in the library, match them up with books they love to read, and then deliver the books to the classroom. 

Shannon takes you through the step-by-step process of how to set this up in Destiny, how you can use it for your students, and more. Read her full blog here. 

DESTINYFLIX: We all know and love Netflix for our favorite movies and shows. How cool would it be with books? Look no further - DESTINYFLIX. 

After Shannon created BOOKHUB for print books, she started to think about how she was going to connect her students, teachers, and families to their Destiny virtual library collection in a creative, meaningful and fun way. “We have lots of amazing online resources, especially eBooks with over 10,000 in our collection, so I wanted to create something fun and interactive that could highlight handfuls of them at a time. And something they could access anywhere." 

Using Destiny, Shannon was able to create a DESTINYFLIX virtual library for her school community that she will use this fall and all school year. You can learn how she set it up from start to finish here.  

For more information on these, and other fun ideas to keep kids reading, make sure to visit Shannon’s blog at 


Shannon McClintock Miller is the Director of Innovation of Instructional Technology and Library Media at Van Meter School in Iowa. She is also the Future Ready Librarians and Project Connect Spokesperson working with librarians, educators and students around the world every day as an international speaker, consultant and author who has a passion for education, librarianship, advocacy, technology, social media and making a difference in the world and lives of others, especially children. Shannon brings a special expertise and vision to conversations around school libraries, education, technology, creativity and student voice.

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