Destiny Library Manager Training

We have training opportunities for library professionals. 

To help you get the most from Follett Destiny® Library Manager, we offer a variety of training opportunities for librarians, library staff, library administrators, and other school and district staff. Let’s get started.  

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Library Manager Essentials Training:

This training is offered as a full-day, on-site training or as a half-day webinar. It includes these topics:

Touring Destiny Library Manager

From its thorough and flexible tracking of your library’s resources and insightful reports to its engaging and easy-to-use student discovery interface, Library Manager is a complete library management system. It’s accessible anywhere, 24/7, helping strengthen the bond between library, classroom, and home.

Circulating Materials Efficiently

Students and teachers turn to your library for information and resources. You need an efficient way to get them what they need and accurately track each item. Library Manager has easy-to-use circulation features that help library staff check out, check in, and track library resources quickly and easily. Explore how to circulate your library resources, as well as how to run reports to manage overdue materials and fines.

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Configuring Library Manager for Your School

Your library’s collection, loan policies, and hours are customized for your students. With Library Manager, you have many options to tailor the settings to meet your library’s unique needs. Explore how to set up your library’s loan policies and site configuration options to ensure an efficient and effective library experience for students, faculty, and staff.

Building Your Catalog

With so many teachers and students relying on your library for the most up-to-date resources, you need a quick and easy way to add new materials to your catalog. Library Manager provides multiple features to help you maintain and improve catalog records. Learn how to add title and copy records to your catalog.


Additional Training Options:

Managing Library Fines

Your library’s circulation desk is a busy place. The students and teachers who need your help usually don’t have much time to spare. That’s why it’s important that you can handle library fines in a simple and organized way. Library Manager streamlines fine management by letting you automatically calculate overdue and lost fines. In addition, it alerts you when you check in an overdue book, a book that was marked lost, or when you bring up a patron with an outstanding fine. Explore how to manage fines with Library Manager.

Placing Holds and Reserves

It is not always possible to have enough copies of popular titles for everyone who wants one. Placing holds or reserves for specific dates in Library Manager helps make sure your students and teachers get access to the titles they want and need. Review placing a hold and generating hold reports/notices that let people know their items are available.

Sharing Resources with Interlibrary Loans

Sharing resources between sites lets you capitalize on the collection of every library in your district and saves money. With interlibrary loans (ILL), your school can borrow materials from other sites in your district. In this training, you will learn how to set up your Library Manager for ILLs, view materials at other sites, and conduct the ILL process.

Destiny Discover Introduction

Configure OneSearch to incorporate free or paid subscription reference databases into your search results. Navigate and examine the many types of content available and learn how to effectively use and promote Follett Destiny® Discover to support student learning.

Using Follett Remote for Offline Data Collection

Have you ever needed to circulate materials while the network was down? Do you carry materials over to your workstation to inventory them? Follett Remote can help you in these situations by letting you circulate materials and create barcode lists, even if you have network issues or are in a location without a network connection. Follett Remote is a small, single-user application that lets you collect, copy, and barcode numbers outside of Follett Destiny®. Install and use Follett Remote to circulate and take inventory of your materials.

Starting an Inventory in Library Manager

Tracking the location and status of your library materials is an important step in managing your inventory. Library Manager makes it easy to account for each resource, its location, and status. Use an inventory to identify any gaps in your collection and plan for future purchases.

Setting Up and Using the Follett Destiny Back Office App

The Follett Destiny Back Office app lets you access circulation and administration features in Destiny away from your desk. Use the app on your Follett Destiny VersaScan device, or AndroidTM or iOSTM smartphone/tablet. Use it to check items in or out, or check patron or item status.

Destiny Discover Collections

Learn how Collections by Destiny® makes it easy for librarians, teachers, and students to curate and store resources for easy access.  Collections can be used to enhance library programming, create lesson plans, and manage student, individual, and group projects and assignments.


In addition to the trainings listed here, Follett also offers pre-recorded webinars and other training courses. Choose from a variety of topics, including Destiny Discover, Collections by Destiny, Titlewave®, and TitleWise®. For more information, contact your Follett Sales Consultant. 

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