Collaboration and Communication in Your School and District



In this webinar, we will focus on how to effectively collaborate and communicate within your school and district to enhance learning, efficiency, creativity, and student outcomes.

Shannon McClintock Miller, Director of Innovation of Instructional Technology and Library Media at Van Meter Schools, Iowa, will take you through the many ways we, as educators (administrators, CTOs, teachers, librarians, etc.), can further engage in collaboration and communication, and employ literacy, learning, and technology to empower one another, for the betterment of our students. Shannon has been a leader in collaboration within her school community for 18 years, making her school library program a hub of innovation and welcoming place for students and staff, with many other school communities modeling her achievements at their schools. She understands what it takes in order to make your school and/or district a place where students will succeed.

This webinar will give you the tools on how to be a collaborative leader: to effectively work in partnership with staff and the school community, fostering a culture of alliance and innovation throughout the school and district, leading beyond the desk, classroom, or library.

You will walk away with:
- Goal setting for collaboration and communication among you and your school community
- Tools, resources, case studies, etc., to create a culture of partnership in your school and district
- A framework and vision for collaboration in your school to improve student outcomes and school experiences that today’s modern learners need to thrive

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