Collections by Destiny

Collect, create, deliver, and share in a whole new way with Collections by Destiny®.

Collections by Destiny® creates new, collaborative ways for librarians, teachers, and students to share free or purchased resources across the district, school, or with other users. Students and teachers can access district resources in Follett Destiny Discover® and add them to any Collection. Each Collection can include web pages, images, documents, eBooks, and more! Collections can also be shared publicly or kept private. With Collections, teachers can quickly pair content to instruction, and students can collect and curate resources for assignments, projects, and tasks.


  • Collections Resource List – Collections is seamlessly integrated with Destiny library resources, you can add visibility and value to the resources you already own, plus add resources from anywhere on the web.
Collections by Destiny
  • Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive integration – Never before has there been so much potential for access to the materials teachers use and author that live in the cloud or on their hard drive. Collections makes it easy to share and collaborate on instructional resources and pedagogy.
  • Google Classroom integration – Collections doesn’t have to live in just the Follett universe. One-click Collections shares to Google Classroom as an assignment, announcement, or question. Empower curation in your classroom to boost higher-order thinking skills.
  • Collections Bookmarklet – Collections comes with a browser agnostic bookmarklet that allows you to add resources you find online to a Collection with the simple click of a button. You don’t even have to have Collections open, just find, click, and save.
  • Visibility and Share links – Share your Collection with your school, anyone in your district, or anyone around the world. Create a View Only or Editable link to directly email to someone, or copy the link to share in any learning management system.
  • Direct Collaboration – Add someone as a collaborator to your Collection to help curate curriculum resources or share what they use in their classroom. Collaborators don’t even have to be logged in to Collections to add something valuable to yours.

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