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  • Contemporary schools have more resources than ever before: Textbooks, band instruments, sports uniforms, technology, eContent, and more. It’s estimated that a single student can be responsible for thousands of dollars in assets, and audits show that a typical school district loses 18-25% of their resources every 2-3 years. That translates to significant losses in budget and wasted time for educators at every phase. 

    Destiny® Resource Manager™, the number one product in K-12 resource management, streamlines inventory processes and ensures you’re able to buy what you need, share what you have, and re-purpose what remains.

    • Manage all resource types effectively and efficiently: Print, digital, physical, services, staff, and more
    • Make the most of the Destiny platform: Search and discover resources with Destiny Library Manager; assign and deploy them with Resource Manager
    • Easily keep track of where and how your organization’s assets are being utilized
    • Know the value of your assets from purchase price to current depreciated values
    • Correlate investment in assets to learning results
    • Assign accountability for assets to specific individuals and ensure availability
    • Log assets that have been properly disposed of, salvaged, or sold

Save Budget Dollars, Effort, and Time

Destiny Resource Manager allows you to stop losses and redirect budget funds to more important initiatives. Streamlining resource management also saves valuable time.

  • Manage All Resource Types and Categories

    Resource Management is about more than just textbooks: Everyone and everything is a resource. With Destiny, you can track and manage textbooks, tablets, STEM supplies, band/athletic equipment, and anything else.

Streamline Textbook Distribution

Go forward with the confidence that your students have all the materials they need; Resource Manager allows you to easily distribute textbooks and eTextbooks from one school to another.

  • Build Administrative Accountability

    Asset assignment features increase individual accountability, reducing loss and ensuring resources are being properly circulated. When all resources are tracked, you’ll be ready for anything.

  • Ensure Resource Availability

    Get the right resources in the right hands at the right time for the right purpose. Destiny allows you to ensure available and manage all resource investment, allocation, and use.

  • Align Resources with Goals and Correlate Results

    With Destiny Resource Manager’s comprehensive reports, you’ll finally be able to evaluate the success of each tracked resource as it relates to your educational goals.

Supplement your use of Destiny Resource Manager with these other solutions

  • Hardware

    Trust us to provide the hardware peripherals you need - barcode scanners, labels, printers, and RFID inventory products

  • Library Management System

    Guide students to titles in their reading zone through searches by level, point value, or subject.

  • Education Managed Services

    Further optimize your district with inventory management, new product deployment, and more. 

  • Major updates and upgrades: Destiny® 14.0 is almost here

    Destiny 14.0 is here, and this major update makes Destiny Resource Manager™ better than ever. Destiny 14.0 includes a host of major upgrades that make the platform easier to use, enhance productivity in your warehouse, allow you to group like items, and more.

    Destiny 14.0 features:

    • A new look and feel for Destiny: We’re updating the look of Destiny with modern graphics, colors, and images – all contributing to an all-around improved user experience. Everything in Destiny will still be where you expect it, so there’s no learning curve.
    • Warehouse productivity enhancements: To better support your district warehouse, we have added features that enhance and increase the productivity of your team. New warehouse features include Available Copy Counts, alerts for Back Ordered Items, and updates to the Pick List and Packing List.
    • Resource containers to group like items: Does your district have carts of laptops or tablets that move from classroom to classroom? With the new resource container functionality, you can associate items together and circulate them as a group.
    • Refined current checkouts/fines report: With Destiny 14.0, you can now limit this report to any branch of your Resource Tree.

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  • Follett takes the security of our customer technical environments very seriously. We appreciate your attention to this important auto-update to ensure your Destiny® environment remains secure. We strongly recommend that customers apply this auto-update as soon as possible.

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