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Stay knowledgeable and gain invaluable inspiration with these archived webinars and podcasts. Created with educators in mind, these informative recordings cover curricula, digital education, innovative teaching, and much more. For upcoming live webinars, Follett institutes, and more, explore our event listings.

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The Building Blocks of Early Mathematics: Learning Trajectories for Young Children

Building Blocks' basic approach is finding the mathematics in, and developing mathematics from, children's every day activity.

There's an App for That: 50 Apps that Will Rock Your World in 60 Minutes

Discover apps that promote essential 21st century learning skills and fuel creativity.

Common Core State Standards: Implementing Interventions and Providing Scaffolds for Increased Text Complexity

This webinar identifies scaffolds and instructional supports that can be put in place to support students.

Integrating Stretch Texts Planning Resources and Lessons

You don't have to do it on your own! Get specific strategies to engage students in selecting their own stretch texts from electronic titles, as well as pragmatic tools and priority steps to evaluating your own resources and lessons.

The Power of Playful Learning in Early Education: How Guided Play Sparks Social and Academic Outcomes

Reexamine the importance of free play and playful learning as a catalyst for developing 21st Century Skills.

Aligning Curriculum to the Common Core Using Follett's Curriculum Tags

Speakers cover identifying, evaluating and assembling a meaningful package of instructional resources that support a teacher's curriculum.

Online Research Habitudes

Online Research Habitudes are a combination of habits and attitudes without which no researcher can succeed. Help students attain this knowledge.

There's an App for That! The B Side: 50 Productivity Apps that will Prepare You for the Mobile Edu-volution

Educators can save time with the help of the apps discussed during this webinar.

Video Instruction in K-12

Educators share their experience and tips for using video content as an instructional tool.

A Menu for Successful Family Engagement - How Administrators Set the Table

This session presents a menu of opportunities and strategies that can help parents know what to expect and guide your staff member's interactions.