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Stay knowledgeable and gain invaluable inspiration with these archived webinars and podcasts. Created with educators in mind, these informative recordings cover curricula, digital education, innovative teaching, and much more. For upcoming live webinars, Follett institutes, and more, explore our event listings.

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eBooks and Common Core: Teaching Reading in Today's World

Participants will learn how to implement eBooks, evaluate the quality of digital texts, and match specific eBook titles with their students' learning needs.

Game Changing Apps: Student Engagement, Teacher Productivity, and Augmented Reality

Two Guys and Some iPads share their game changing apps for student engagement, teacher productivity, and augmented reality.

Librarians as Leaders: School Librarians as Leaders in Professional Development, Accreditation Review, and so much more

Michelle Luthala discusses the important role that school librarians play throughout the school system.

Power Up Story Time by TALKING: Reading with Toddlers and Preschoolers in Small Groups

In this webinar, given jointly by a developmental psychologist and a children's librarian, we explore the importance of reading in development.

Incorporating Text Sets into Elementary and Middle School Classrooms

The presenters share their approach to teaching with text sets and provide examples of various text set models at different grade levels.

Evidence of Learning Synthesis: How Do We Know that Students Really "Mastered" the Concept?

Look at concrete examples of student work and grading rubrics to support educators in evaluating learning synthesis.

New Teacher Tool Kit: Using Web 2.0 Tools to Support Your Practice

This webinar presents 5 tools that new teachers can easily use as they begin their first years of instructional focus in the classroom.

eContent, Round 4

In this annual review, participants will learn about new developments in eContent delivery.

Forget the Standards: It's all About Indicators of Rigor! How to Make Sense of College & Career Readiness Standards - ACT, Texas, Common Core, & Cambridge Worldwide

Get essential, immediately usable strategies to make sense of and master College & Career Readiness Standards.

Taking the Plunge with eBooks

Learn the necessary steps and skills needed to make smart decisions that will ensure a successful eBook launch.