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Stay knowledgeable and gain invaluable inspiration with these archived webinars and podcasts. Created with educators in mind, these informative recordings cover curricula, digital education, innovative teaching, and much more. For upcoming live webinars, Follett institutes, and more, explore our event listings.

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Teaching 21st-Century Skills in Today's Library - It's Not Only in the Classroom

Sheila Carr shares how libraries can utilize technology to its fullest in helping students prepare for the challenges ahead.

Questioning Authority - MLA Citing in the Digital Age

Michelle Luhtala shares current trends in MLA citing.

A Makerspace in Your Library - Where a True Learning Community Takes Place

John Parker and Tiffany Whitehead discuss how to create learning communities in your library with a Makerspace.

Using Graphic Novels as Effective Classroom Teaching Tools

Comic books and graphic novels have long been thought of as entertainment, but they can also be excellent learning tools. Katie Monnin and Nader Quamari explore how to use graphic novels in the classroom.

Close Reading - Making eBooks Better Curriculum Tools

John Williams shares how eBooks can be used as a tool for close reading.

Great Books Keep Kids Engaged and Learning Over Breaks

Candace Fleming and Amy Irace share great books to keep in mind to keep kids reading breaks.

Gamification and the Inspiring Follett Challenge Grand Prize Winner

2015 Follett Challenge winner O'Neill Middle School's librarian Tasha Squires and Follett's Britten Follett talk about gamification

Bringing Innovation to Your School

Hear how the 2014 Follett Challenge winners bring innovation to school.

Success for Struggling Readers: New Strategies Using eBooks

Ann Fondren and Mitch Coulter highlight eBook tools, tactics to meet standards, and examples of best practices, especially for kids who struggle.

Filling Curriculum Gaps: Finding the Right Resources

This useful webinar will address the many ways students learn through text, audio and video, and the resources that can help educators engage all students and keep them on a path of curious, inquisitive learning.