Print and Digital

There has been a shift to recognize the benefits of using print and digital together. As districts invest more laptops, eReaders, tablets, and other devices, schools still recognize the need and importance of pen and paper. Looking for that right combination of print and digital resources that will keep students engaged and motivated while they continue to learn? We have what you need.

Different Uses
Students are familiar with digital learning, so it might make sense for them to read books on their devices. Reading an eBook and reading on paper are two different experiences, so they’ll need practice in learning the benefits and limitations of each. As teachers and students explore which mode of reading works best for different tasks, students will learn to pivot on their own between the two depending on what works for them. Some will find the embedded annotation features in an eBook helpful as they perform close reading or text analysis, while others will prefer to have a paperback open next to a notebook to record observations. 

Adaptive Options  
If you give your students the choice to read in print or digital, you can increase their engagement. Some students will choose to read only on devices, but many will prefer to switch between digital and paper.

Schools looking for a digital counterpart to their classroom novels will love the tools embedded in Follett eBooks – they offer display modifications that enable students to adjust font size, lighting, and contrast on the screen. These embedded digital tools make it easier for students to annotate, bookmark, highlight, and engage in deeper reading. 

Engaging and Versatile
Educators are looking for digital content that is engaging. Follett is at the forefront in developing and providing exciting digital content to schools, districts, classrooms, and libraries. Our digital educational products include the latest eBooks and audiobooks, engaging interactive titles, and much more. This content is designed to engage learners at every level and provide the differentiation support that educators need.

We offer a variety of digital learning solutions:

  • Follett eBooks, in a 90-day, assigned-user access model, allow teachers to assign a specific title to students for 90-day access, which keeps students reading anywhere.
  • Featuring animation, sound, and touch, our interactive eBooks for schools give struggling and advanced readers alike the tools they need to make reading fun.
  • Engage students and improve achievement with digital audiobooks for the classroom. Gain instant access to thousands of the most popular Grade PreK-12 titles available as audiobooks. 
  • Bringing learning to life, Lightbox uses video, audio, and text to explore content aligned with national and state standards.

Print Options
In addition to digital content and literacy resources online, educators continue to use paper novels, textbooks, workbooks, and other materials whether learning remotely or in person. 

We offer a variety of print learning solutions:

  • Our Literacy Grab & Go Kits are great for keeping reading skills sharp while at home. These kits can be customized to fit the school’s and students’ needs.
  • We have novels available from a variety of publishers for all grade levels and all disciplines: language arts, math, science, and more. Our team of licensed educators can help select titles based on your needs.
  • Follett offers an unmatched selection of new and certified pre-owned textbooks from all of the top Grades PreK-12 publishers. 
  • We even offer a comprehensive Textbook Buyback program if you’re looking to sell your surplus textbooks. 

One Source 
No matter the district’s need for print, digital, or a combination of both, procuring and ordering your inventory from Follett allows for a streamlined process.