Genrefying Your Library

Create a library space that gives students easy access to the books they love and the ability to browse through new genres with ease, giving you the chance to provide greater assistance to students in need.  

Genrefication is the process of assigning school library genres categories to books with the intent of helping students find books of interest. This method of organization has become a hot topic in library conversations, especially as some associate it with abandoning the Dewey Decimal System, which is not the case.

Benefits of Genrefication 
Genrefication of school libraries can bring great benefits. Here are a few:

  • Tie your collection to school curriculum more closely.
  • Make it easier for students to find the books they want with custom genre signage.
  • Help students and staff easily find the reading materials they seek.
  • Send students to explore a new genre to find something different to read.
  • Watch as students read more when they can easily find the books they love.

Feedback for Consideration
Reach out to librarians who have made the move to genrefied collections to ask for their tips and recommendations. Talk to those in your community: students, staff, and administration. Explain the benefits and drawbacks of reorganizing your collection and get their feedback. Librarians know their communities best and can choose which areas of their collection should be genrefied and which should not.

Follett Genre Solutions 
Whether you are thinking about making the switch to a genrefied collection or you’ve recently flipped, we can help. Our team of genre experts routinely meets with publishers to review and discuss how new titles fit into our genres, which gives the team broad exposure to current trends and practices all over the country. They’ll consult with you to determine the best approach for your library and will even come to your school to support your staff while you genrefy. 

Getting Help 
Follett will support you throughout your journey. Our services include:? 

  • A guide called Genrefication Best Practices to get you started
  • On-site project management of the service?
  • Project planning and assistance with genre mapping?
  • Staffing, resources, and materials needed to perform the work?
  • Population of genre information into Follett Destiny® Library Manager?

Titlewave® is your one-stop shop for everything you’ll need. When you set up your genre cataloging profile on Titlewave®, you can easily search for quality books by genre, or explore a variety of genres, representing diverse regions and disciplines – all assigned by our team of experts. Titlewave® will automatically suggest genres as you build your lists, then offer a post-genrefication collection analysis. 

Here’s what else you’ll find on Titlewave®:

  • Titles leveled by guided reading level (GR), Fountas & Pinnell (F&P), Lexile® (LEX) and Accelerated Reader™ (AR)
  • Access to thousands of book lists, created by licensed teachers and certified librarians around topics, genres, and subjects
  • Free educator guides from over 6,000 publishers for tens of thousands of books
  • Full, professional reviews from the most respected publications
  • Follett Tags for easy searching by topic or curriculum area
  • Our exclusive illustrated genre labels, posters, and shelf signs

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