Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Students read more when they see themselves reflected in books. Diverse and inclusive books center around people of color, people with disabilities, or people who are gender neutral, or they can center on the stories of ethnic, cultural, and religious minorities. Inclusive books are a tool that educators can use to support students as they develop empathy and a deeper understanding of themselves and each other.

Diverse and Inclusive Books
The right books will spark discussions around race and tradition while fostering a love of reading, different family structures, identity, and physical and learning disabilities. Providing an inclusive library enables students to find books that will help them to understand and practice tolerance. Whole class or small group read-alouds can be a springboard to infuse social and emotional learning into your discussions while books about students’ own identity group help them to identify and understand their place in the world.

Resources and More
Follett supports the goal of providing each student with a multicultural education with books and resources that include themes of tolerance, acceptance, and vulnerability. Get started on Titlewave®, our 24/7-access online collection development and curriculum support tool for school libraries, librarians, and educators. It features professionally curated content and tools that help you find the most relevant materials. You’ll find:

  • Multicultural and inclusive book lists for Grades K-12, curated by our licensed teachers and certified librarians 
  • Free resources for many books, available for instant download
  • A curated page for lessons and activities, websites, articles, and videos focused on diversity and inclusion that will support your curriculum goals

Easily Accessible
Students who see themselves in the pages of the books they read develop an understanding of those whose voices have not been traditionally heard.

Choose from thousands of books, categorized by genre, to find the books that best reflect your needs. Our books and supporting resources can be used to:

  • Facilitate a think/pair/share or small-group discussion on the topic of a book you read as a class. 
  • Create a collage of facts about different ethnicities represented in the classroom or in the school. Include these facts on templates, such as a patchwork quilt, a globe, or a chain of children standing in a circle.
  • Study different modes of communication, such as sign language, foreign languages, or assistive apps and devices.

All Books for All Kids
The #AllBooksForAllKids™ movement is about providing students with a more diverse selection of books to better reflect their experience and increasing independent, year-round reading.

Diverse Reading Ideas
Check out this collection of timely articles from educators and librarians for more ideas to promote tolerance and a love of reading in your classroom. Librarians and educators know that when readers see themselves represented in books, they read more.