Simple Access to Student Data

Manage student data, streamline planning, and empower reporting with Follett Aspen® Student Information System (SIS).

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  • Aspen Student Information System (SIS) is a centralized platform for hosting and managing student data. Aspen SIS safely and securely stores data like class schedules, school events, student performance, athletic eligibility, individual health records, and much more. Aspen thus eliminates the need for multiple databases and streamlines the process of reporting student data, creating instructional plans, and applying state-specific guidelines.

    Aspen Student Information System (SIS) is a cost-effective, convenient, and powerful resource for staff, students, and parents

    • Quick access to timely, actionable data 
    • Comprehensive, customized state reporting
    • Robust gradebook for traditional and standards-based scoring
    • Master scheduling; arrange class and event schedules that best fit the needs of students
    • Health database that provides access to student medical information and tracks individual health needs
    • Fully integrates with Aspen Instructional Management System (IMS) and various digital learning tools
  • Provide Simple, Unified Access to Student Data

    Aspen® SIS brings disparate school information systems together into one. With Aspen, there’s only one system to manage, update, and maintain.

  • Make Well-Informed Decisions

    Aspen SIS gives educators access to a wealth of tools to monitor student progress, schedule events, implement new curriculum, and leverage data for success.

  • Create Learning Hub for Students

    Aspen's Classroom Pages create a virtual classroom, where students can access course materials and collaborate through file sharing and Google Drive™.

  • Foster a Strong Classroom-Home Connection

    Aspen SIS allows parents to see what’s going on inside the classroom by enabling visibility into daily activities and assignment grades. 

  • Safely Manage Medical Information

    Aspen connects school health offices with the information they need to treat students and get them back into the classroom. Tracking and managing students' medical needs is easy and confidential.

  • Offer Specialized Staff Support

    Aspen SIS offers an Eligibility Report for coaches, while simultaneously allowing Special Ed teachers easy access to SPED information.

Further enhance organizational management and implementation with these other solutions.

  • Follett Aspen® is pleased to collaborate with the following software vendors to deliver additional features and functions that help our customers ignite student success and empower education everywhere learning is happening.

  • When an emergency strikes, Safe Classroom allows you to instantly send an audible alert to every classroom computer. You can alert your classrooms at the district or school level, and you can set different audible tones to match specific types of emergencies.

    Deployment that is as quick as it is easy:

    • You can deploy Safe Classroom to every computer in your district in minutes
    • Your teachers won’t have to worry about setup or logging in
    • In one week, you can make your school district safer

    Connect every classroom through communication:

    • Staff can send and receive safety information

    • Multi-media messaging allows you to communicate more clearly
    • Keep everyone informed throughout an emergency

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  • Registration Gateway for the Aspen Student Information System is a comprehensive online enrollment solution, delivering clean and complete new and returning student data into Aspen. We understand how the accuracy of data impacts the daily lives of school administrators and the accuracy of data begins at student enrollment. Registration Gateway delivers a data transfer process and user interface to Aspen like no other. In fact, Registration Gateway for Aspen is the only solution certified and supported by Aspen for online enrollment. 

    Registration Gateway for Aspen is completely customizable, allowing for the collection of specific district data points. Registration Gateway safely collects registration data and documents, presents the information for district approval, and upon approval transfers the data into Aspen.

    School districts using Registration Gateway for Aspen can grow from simple online enrollment to include online electronic cumulative folders accessible through Aspen.

    Benefits of Registration Gateway for Aspen include:

    • Clean and accurate new and returning student data entry
    • Simplified online registration that takes only minutes
    • Robust data collection for Pre-K and early intervention
    • Supports document scanning for birth records, residency documents, and more
    • Hands-free data transfer into Aspen
    • Intuitive dashboards and reporting
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  • Clever is the platform that powers technology in the classroom. Schools and apps connect on Clever to put next-generation software in the hands of students, helping teachers reclaim valuable learning time in classrooms. With Clever, district IT administrators can easily manage account setup and updates in over 250 applications while saving students and teachers the wasted time and class disruptions that come with multiple app logins - all at no cost to districts.

    Clever offers:

    • Clever Secure Sync: Automatically creates, organizes and archives teacher and student accounts in the school’s learning applications and keeps roster data updated in real-time. Administrators can use a simple dashboard to ensure the right students can access the right apps.
    • Clever Instant Login: Allows teachers and students to access all of the learning applications they use throughout the school day with a single username and password.
    • Clever Badges: An all-new, lightning-fast way for K-2 students to log in to their learning software. Students hold their Clever Badge up to a webcam and instantly get access to all of their learning applications on Clever - no typing required.
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