• Follett is the exclusive partner of Biblionasium, and this exciting reading community for kids is now available to be integrated with our Destiny® (14.0 or later) platform. This partnership brings numerous benefits to Destiny-managed school libraries by leveraging the unique advantages of Biblionasium’s student-centric digital platform.

    Some of the biggest benefits that Biblionasium brings to Destiny users include:

    • Single sign-on for Biblionasium and Destiny
    • Real-time information and access of library resources through Destiny
    • Actionable data for educators to guide and monitor effective student reading programs
    • Ideal platform to facilitate and promote the discovery of existing school library resources for students
    • Real-time reports and data on student reading preferences and reading habits for librarians to help with collection planning
    • Easy set up and synchronization: Learn how to set up Biblionasium in Destiny Discover® [PDF]

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  • Biblionasium is a reading-focused social network designed specifically for kids ages 6-13. With Biblionasium, students build their very own book shelf – a safe space to keep track of what they’ve read and what they want to read. Within Biblionasium, students can share and receive book recommendations from the classmates, get coaching from fun mascot Chip Manzee, and be motivated by custom reading challenges.

    Biblionasium offers numerous benefits to educators, as well. These include:

    • Reading program customization and differentiation: With Biblionasium, you can tailor reading programs to the individual needs of each student. You can even administer programs and fun reading challenges by group, class, grade, individual student, or reading level.
    • Easy, effective data tracking: Actionable data is finally at your fingertips. Biblionasium provides reports that track what each student is reading and at what level, using Lexile® measures. Reports are available for groups, classes, grade levels, or individual students.
    • Student-to-student support network: Students are encouraged to recommend their favorite books to their classmates, receive reading ideas from their friends, and generally interact with reading material like never before.
    • Simple organization support: No more lost notes or reading logs; with Biblionasium, everything is stored online. Better yet – it’s all accessible online anytime, 24/7.
    • Entertaining, positive, and immediate feedback: Chip Manzee, Biblionasium’s reading coach and mascot, helps students understand good reading behavior while motivating them to succeed. Additional positive reinforcement opportunities are available through fun games and reading challenges, with built-in support for goal- or reward-setting.
    • Collaboration with parents and family:  Foster a strong connection between the library, the classroom, and home with Biblionasium. Biblionasium allows parents to stay connected to educators by accessing their child’s recommended, required, and favorite book lists. Parents and family members can take an active role in motivating students to read.
    • Support research, critical thinking and a joy of reading: Tenth year K-12 School Librarian Jennifer Underhill uses Biblionasium to teach collaborative lessons on information skills at all grade levels. [Case Study]

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