• When it comes to reaching your educational goals, Follett is your partner. We offer a best-in-class suite of technology solutions and services that combine to provide your organization with a complete path to achieve district success and promote student achievement.

    This three-solution suite includes:

    • Follett Destiny®
    • Follett Services
    • Aspen™ Student Information System (SIS)

    When used together, these technologies and services supply everything you need to track resources, securely manage student data, handle logistics, and more.

    Explore how our technology solutions and services work together below.


  • With our Destiny suite, you can leverage Destiny Library Manager™ and Resource Manager™ to track and manage all district resources. Library Manager is ideal for library-related resources and books, while all other resources – from musical instruments to sports equipment and beyond – can be tracked in Resource Manager.

    When used as a complete solution, our Destiny suite ensures all students have the resources they need to achieve academic success – all while ensuring you know exactly where your resources are and who is accountable for them at all times.


    Learn more about Follett Destiny Library Manager >

    Learn more about Follett Destiny Resource Manager >

    Destiny Analytics

    The world at large is driven by big data — and the education space is no different. Destiny Analytics allows you to consume, analyze, visualize and leverage the data generated in Destiny® Resource Manager™ and Destiny Library Manager™.

    Learn more about Destiny Analytics

  • Our Follett Services are designed to save you time, money, and stress. Services such as inventory, barcoding, warehousing, and cross-docking allow your staff to shift their focus away from these tasks and toward more important initiatives.

    These services also maximize your investment in our Destiny suite by allowing you to boost accountability and incorporate sustainable practices throughout your district.


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  • Aspen Student Information System (SIS) is a centralized platform for managing student data, complete with extensive reporting functionality. This secure system further provides quick access to timely, actionable data including gradebooks, schedules, health databases, and much more.

    When used alongside our other technology solutions and services, Aspen further promotes accountability and relieves your staff’s burden when it comes to organizing student and curriculum data.


    Learn more about Aspen Student Information System >

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