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Keep the story going with sets and series! 

Once you start, you can’t stop! Give students the gift of a great story that goes on and on by offering sets and series of engaging books. Students will gain background knowledge, invest in characters, and learn how plots unfold and begin again while building comprehension and reading fluency.


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The Infamous Ratsos
from Candlewick Press

Interest Level: Grades K-3
Perfect for emerging and reluctant readers, this clever and surprisingly warmhearted chapter book series shows that being tough all the time can be really tough! Meet Louie and Ralph Ratso, two brothers who try to be tough despite their hearts of gold. Discussion questions are available.

Early Bird Stories: Let’s Make Observations
from Lerner Publishing

Interest Level: Grades K-3
These illustrated stories follow a diverse set of characters as they explore the world around them and make observations of nature. Each book features critical thinking and recall questions to further reader engagement.

Science with Crabtree Seedlings
from Crabtree Publishing

Interest Level: Grades K-3
The Crabtree Seedlings series collection focuses on early reading with simple text, sight words, and high-quality photographs and illustrations to engage young readers. Books in the Crabtree Seedlings series build the skills required for higher grade success on a variety of subjects – science, social studies, math, fiction, high-interest, character education, and more!

Miles Lewis
from Penguin Young Readers Group

Interest Level: Grades K-3
From the award-winning author of the Jada Jones chapter books comes an illustrated spin-off series about fourth-grader Miles Lewis. Miles loves science and sports and excels at most things he tries. But competition with his schoolmates adds pressure to perform at his best. Can he rise to the challenge with distractions of self-doubt tugging at his focus?

Fiona the Hippo
from Zonderkidz

Interest Level: Grades K-3
Fiona, the famous hippo from the Cincinnati Zoo, was not expected to live – born prematurely at only 29 pounds. Her inspiring story of spunk and determination captured hearts around the world. Cheer on smart, sassy, and fearless Fiona as she beats the odds and becomes a happy and healthy hippopotamus who teaches children that anything is possible.

King and Kayla
from Peachtree

Interest Level: Grades K-3
This adorable new series for young detectives and dog lovers features King, a lovable dog, who helps Kayla, his human girl, solve mysteries. The series features simple and straightforward language with great deadpan humor. With endearing characters who model problem-solving skills through entertaining mysteries, it’s perfect for new readers.

Giants of the Sea
from North Star Editions

Interest Level: Grades K-3
This series gives readers a look at eight giant animals of the sea – describing where they live, how they hunt, and unique features that help them survive. Each book pairs short paragraphs of simple text with plenty of colorful photos to make reading engaging and accessible. Apex books have low reading levels (Grades 2-3) but are designed for students with interest levels of Grades 3-7.

The Magnificent Makers
from Random House Children’s Books

Interest Level: Grades 3-6
BOOM! SNAP! WHIZ! ZAP! The Magnificent Makers series is filled with science, adventure, and characters that readers will love! This series will cover several scientific topics (at an age-appropriate level), ranging from human biology to ecology, while also exploring issues such as managing failure, teamwork, courage, and jealousy.

Amari and the Night Brothers
from HarperCollins

Interest Level: Grades 3-6
Thirteen-year-old Amari, a poor African American girl from the projects, gets an invitation from her missing brother to join the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs and join in the fight against an evil magician.

Leaders Like Us
from Rourke Educational Media

Interest Level: Grades 3-6
History is filled with inspiring leaders who made a difference in their communities and in our world. In the Leaders Like Us collection, you'll learn about some important African American leaders. Each title in this illustrated biography series tells the story of an important leader in fields such as art, science, government, sports, and more.

Word Travelers
from Sourcebooks

Interest Level: Grades 3-6
This new series by the New York Times best-selling author of P is for Pterodactyl follows two best friends as they transport themselves (using a healthy dose of imagination) all over the world while learning how different cultures have contributed to the English language along the way.

Keeper of the Lost Cities
from Simon & Schuster

Interest Level: Grades 5-8
Twelve-year-old Sophie discovers the abilities that have always caused her to stand out are because she is an elf, and after she is brought to Eternalia where she can hone her skills, Sophie learns she harbors certain secrets that others would kill to learn.

Big Fat Notebook
from Workman Publishing

Interest Level: Grades 5-8
A revolutionary study-guide series for middle schoolers from the brains behind America's best-selling educational series, Brain Quest. These books ensure knowledge sinks in quickly with critical ideas highlighted, doodles that illuminate tricky concepts, mnemonics that serve as memorable shortcuts, and review questions to recap it all.

How the World Worships
from Cherry Lake Publishing

Interest Level: Grades 5-8
Readers will learn about the core teachings and beliefs of the world's most widely practiced religions through the lens of two different perspectives: one from the United States and another from a different country where the religion is predominant. This book serves as a deep dive into the important figures, sacred texts, holidays, and commandments of the religions.

Orca Think
from Orca Book Publishers

Interest Level: Grades 5-8
What’s the big idea? Orca Think introduces us to the issues making headlines in the world today. It encourages us to question, connect, and take action for a better future. With those tools, we can all become better citizens. Now that’s smart thinking! Ongoing series include Orca Footprints, Orca Wild, and the forthcoming Orca Timeline!

Bluford Series
from ABDO Publishing

Interest Level: YA, Reading Level: 4-5
Millions of teens have discovered or rediscovered the joy of reading with this collection of young adult novels set at Bluford High School. This groundbreaking hi-lo series tells gripping stories and carries an emotional punch. Action, suspense, mystery, and romance fill the pages of the Bluford Series, offering something for boys and girls alike.

No Fear Shakespeare Graphic Novels
from Union Square & Co.

Interest Level: YA
Based on the No Fear Shakespeare translations, these colored graphic novels are impossible to put down. The series includes an illustrated cast of characters, a helpful plot summary, line-by-line translations in plain English, and illustrations that show the reader exactly what's happening in each scene – making the plot and characters clear and easy to follow.

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