SEL for Educators

When students are struggling, it’s difficult for them to learn. That’s why a student’s safety and support in learning is every educator’s goal. But who supports educators when they are struggling?

Follett is excited to provide schools and districts with tools to support connections among students, families, and fellow educators that you can use all year long. Our tools are for all faculty and staff at your school – we know everyone needs a reminder to take care of themselves!

Below are printable activities and idea builders that will give you great ideas for what to do to focus on you. Plus, our Social and Emotional Learning Digital Catalog provides you ways to connect with your students, their families, and your peers. Scroll down to access these helpful resources and more. 

Grab a free bookmark! 

Habit Tracker Bookmarks

Trying to remember to look away from the computer every hour to give your eyes a break? Take stretch breaks? Drink water? Keep track of your progress daily goals with these bookmarks.

Printable Activities

Share these printable activities.

Staff Bingo

Try out our ideas for finding balance and creating healthy habits. Try making a bingo by yourself, or send out a challenge!

Mindful Choice Board

Do you have a minute or two? Pick a topic to learn more about from our Mindful Choice Board. 

Sticky Notes to Share

Print out these fun sticky notes to personalize and leave on a friend’s desk to make them smile.

Happiness Habits Checklist

Print out a Quick Happiness Habits checklist on a sticky note, then give it a spot in your planner or on your desk so you can easily keep track of these good habits! 

Habit Tracker Bookmarks

Keep track of your progress on habits you want to master with these bookmarks, perfect for holding your place while keeping your eye on your goals.

Idea Builders

We have more idea builders.

Trauma-Sensitive Instruction and Leadership in Schools

As schools continue working through the current pandemic, lots of conversation turns to the challenges of the time and the difficulty students have experienced related to trauma. However, let’s be perfectly clear – prior to the pandemic, many of our students were facing challenging and stressful home lives. As school leaders, we can instill in our staff an understanding of the importance of noticing changes in our children and working together to address these changes.

SEL Pinterest Board

There’s a whole section just for you on our SEL Pinterest Board – give us a follow!

SEL Catalog

Our social and emotional learning (SEL) catalog has the latest  SEL advice, webinars, author interviews, and FREE downloads. Start reading.

Mentoring Each Other

Strong professional relationships create trusting pathways to mutual learning that benefit new and experienced teachers. Learn more about mentoring.

Address Climate and Culture

Read about steps organizations can take to improve their climate and culture in this article by educator Svetlana Popovic from Humanex Ventures. There’s also a free checklist to get you started.