• We offer a dedicated team of specialists to coordinate your textbook and instructional material ordering, processing, and distribution. Our Textbook Management Services offer easy, efficient, and effective solutions for a single school or an entire district. 

    We offer a variety of customizable Textbook Management options to suit your specific needs. 

    We provide administrative support for ordering textbooks from domestic publishers. With this textbook service, a dedicated Follett specialist will prepare and track your orders, provide status updates, and communicate directly with publishers regarding every phase of the process. We’ll coordinate and manage the ordering process for you to ensure your textbook and instructional material needs are met.

    Our textbook management services include:

    • Coordination of all orders to your specifications
    • Matching your curriculum list against our highest quality pre-owned and premium inventory
    • Savings up to 75% off publisher prices on Follett inventory

    We have helped schools and districts of all sizes find the right materials for their needs. Benefits of this textbook management service include:

    • Decreased operating expenses
    • Reduced administrative paperwork
    • Elimination of costly mistakes
    • Order tracking and regular status updates
    • Order discrepancy resolution
    • Support from a dedicated Follett School Solutions Service Specialist
  • Our Sorting and Distribution service allows you to have textbooks and instructional materials sent to Follett for receiving, sorting, packing, and shipping. This service includes the consolidation of site-specific orders for delivery per your instructions. This is an easy, cost-effective service — especially during new adoption years. As a textbook management service, Sorting and Distribution includes:

    • Product receiving
    • Product storage
    • Order distribution and delivery, including breaking out materials by site

    With less time spent dealing with the logistics of textbook distribution, your organization can save time and money. Other benefits of Sorting and Distribution include:

    • No additional storage space needed
    • Materials sorted and consolidated
    • Materials received on designated date
    • Additional processing options

Follett School Solutions offers both textbook and patron barcodes. Our barcodes allow you to systematically track and manage your textbook inventory, giving you the time to focus on what's most important — your students. We will apply barcode labels with security strips and label or stamp your books according to your specifications.

Our barcoding services for textbooks and library books include:

  • Barcode label application
  • Security strip application
  • Book label application
  • Book stamping

Barcoding makes it easier than ever to integrate new materials in to your collection. Other benefits include:

  • Decreased operating expenses
  • Barcode ranges provided with each order
  • Materials received in classroom-ready condition

Our barcodes are available in digital rolls or as flat laser labels. They are easy to apply and provide the highest scanning accuracy available. We can apply these barcodes as part of our Textbook Management Services or send them to you for your own application.

As part of our mission to offer complete school solutions, we also offer barcode printing and scanning hardware. These hardware options are fully compatible with Destiny® Library Manager™.