• We offer a variety of services designed to relieve the burden of inventory management, new product deployment, facility management, and more from your school’s or district’s staff. From procuring to recycling and everything in between, Follett has the expertise and the resources to help you better manage your assets.

    These offerings can save you time and money, all while preparing your school or district for the future. Contact your Follett representative for more information today. 

  • Our services cover four key areas: Inventory Management, New Product Deployment, Facility Management, and Policy Development. Within each of these customer-centric services, we offer several customizable solutions that make managing your school or district easier and more cost-effective.

    These options maximize your investment in Follett Destiny™ Resource Manager and other asset tracking systems. With the right services and policies in place, you’ll boost accountability in your district and incorporate sustainable practices that will pay dividends for years to come.

  • Inventory Management Services

    Discover, track, and share your school’s resources with Follett’s Inventory Management Services. When Follett’s team of K-12 product specialists count, evaluate, barcode, and re-allocate your existing inventory of resources you can account for every item you own and easily find it.

    Inventory Management Services include:

    • Physical Inventory Services let you account for current resources and identify obsolete materials that need to be removed
    • Barcoding Services allow you to have a barcode label applied to every item you want to track; you can then collect and load the data into an asset tracking system
    • Inventory Re-allocation Services enable schools within your district to share resources and get what they need, when they need them

New Product Deployment Services

Whether on-site or off-site, we provide services that help you order, receive, reconcile, barcode, deliver, and shelve new products. You will focus less time on ordering and processing “stuff” and more time on your students.

New Product Deployment Services include:

  • Procurement Services provide you with a dedicated Operations Manager who will efficiently place, track and reconcile new orders to make sure you receive everything you were promised
  • Cross-Docking Services save you the time, space and labor required to receive, process, and distribute new products coming into your district. We will receive your shipment at our warehouse, unpack it, verify counts, barcode the products, sort by site, and ship the products to your individual sites
  • On-Site New Product Services offer many of the same great features as Cross-Docking, with the added flexibility of on-site performance
  • Product Shelving Services remove the hassle and cost of having to unbox, shelve, and arrange materials once new products arrive at your sites
  • Facility Management Services

    Facility Management Services save you the space, stress, and time; you can leave the warehousing, the re-configuration of schools, or the re-cataloging of libraries to our team of experts.

    Facility Management Services include:

    • Warehousing Services provide physical long-term storage and processing of your resources at our state-of-the-art warehouse – allowing you to have a just-in-time inventory and eliminating the need to manage your own warehouse
    • New School Services provide the resources and guidance you need to successfully open or re-configure a school
    • Closing School Services allow you to close schools and re-allocate resources in a more efficient and cost-effective way
    • Library Positioning Services help you open a new library or re-catalog an existing one

Policy Development Services

We can help you improve accountability and promote best practices across your organization, on both an individual and district-wide basis.

Policy Development Services include:

  • Process Engineering Services provide supply chain and process expertise to build sustainable practices
  • Policy Development Services help you establish policies that reduce and control inventory shortages and surpluses
  • Project Management Services let you outsource key project functions and support to Follett’s team of education experts
  • Project Coordination Services streamline your projects and processes, saving you valuable funds and time
  • Request more information about our education services today: Contact your Follett representative.