• With our TitleEZ™ Subscription plans, you can make a selection today, utilizing your current budget, and know that you’ll receive top-quality titles every month for the next year.

To create our plans, we’ve combined our 60+ years of PreK-12 school library expertise with a thorough understanding of classroom objectives and the needs of your students. Our team of professional educators carefully chooses the highest quality materials so you can offer a balanced selection of new books.

We're pleased to report that 22 of our selections were chosen as ALA Award winners (including all five of the Newbery medal and honor titles) and that 14 of our selections were chosen for School Library Journal's 2011 Battle of the Books list.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about receiving a title you already own; TitleEZ Subscriptions service checks each month’s featured plan selection against your most recent TitleWise® online collection analysis, and if you already own the featured title you’ll automatically receive one of two alternate titles.

Tailor your shipments to fit your schedule. You can start your 12-month subscription at any point during the year. We offer you the choice of monthly shipments of your titles or our school-friendly delivery schedule. With our school-friendly delivery schedule, you take the summer off and receive your TitleEZ subscription shipments when your school starts back up in August or September.

With our TitleEZ Subscription plans, you maintain the final say over your selections.

  • Automatically receive our monthly featured title, or select an alternate title.
  • Subscribe to individual plans or five grade-specific packages.

Make your plan selections today so your students can enjoy distinctive, engaging new books for months to come. Contact one of our School Support Specialists at 888.511.5114 or 815.759.1700.

  • You have the option of selecting any of our individual TitleEZ Subscription plans or taking advantage of our grade-specific TitleEZ Subscription packages-specific TitleEZ Subscription packages.

  • Early Childhood Package (Grades Pre-K)

    These plans cover a range of content areas:

    • Basic Concepts Plan
    • Social & Emotional Concepts Plan
    • Science Concepts Plan
    • Social Studies Concepts Plan
  • Lower Elementary Package (Grades K-3)

    These plans provide a solid foundation in key curriculum areas:

    • Starred Reviews Plan
    • Picture Books & Easy Readers Plan
    • Science & Math Plan
    • Social Studies Plan
    • eBook Plan
  • Upper Elementary Package (Grades 3-6)

    These plans encompass key curriculum and collection-enhancing topics:

    • Starred Reviews Plan
    • Chapter Books Plan
    • Science & Math Plan
    • Social Studies Plan
    • Sports Plan
    • eBook Plan
  • Middle School Package (Grades 5-8)

    These plans feature high-interest, collection-enhancing topics aligned to your curriculum.

    • Starred Reviews Plan
    • Science & Math Plan
    • Social Studies Plan
    • Great Reads (For Girls) Plan
    • Great Reads (For Boys) Plan
    • eBook Plan
  • High School Package (YA-AD)

    These plans cover a broad range of engaging and curriculum-focused topics.

    • Starred Reviews Plan
    • Realistic Fiction Plan
    • Speculative Fiction Plan
    • History Plan
    • Current Events, Social Issues & Careers Plan
    • eBook Plan