• We are proud to offer an outstanding level of customer service to our school and library partners. This includes multiple dedicated team members who cater to your specific needs.

    • A local Sales Consultant who works to ensure your school/district has the right materials to meet student needs
    • A dedicated Customer Care Consultant who offers prompt and thorough attention to all of your orders
    • Easy access to our team of School Support Specialists, for answers to any Titlewave questions or concerns
    • Customized material lists prepared by our Content Research and Alignment team
    • Professional cataloging and processing tailored to your exact specifications

Titlewave is so much more than a place to shop for library materials. You have a customized collection-building experience at your fingertips.

  • TitleWise®

    Feel confident you're choosing the right books with TitleWise®, a collection analysis tool.

  • TitleCheck

    After you’ve completed a TitleWise analysis, you’ll be able to check your current collection against your Titlewave list for duplicates.

  • TitleEZ™ Subscription Service

    New books keep your collection fresh when you use our monthly TitleEZ™ Subscription Service

  • Titlewish

    Set up this donation program online and you’ll be able to use 100% of the funds raised to purchase Follett materials.

  • Curriculum Tags

    Easily find quality titles with Curriculum Tags by exploring a variety of genres, subjects and themes.

  • Destiny Library Manager

    Integration with Destiny Library Manager helps you find the right content for your collection.

A full-range of options from simple to complex, you choose the level necessary to receive materials tailored for your library.

  • Looking to flip your library and make it genre-focused? We're here to help. Follett can ship by genre, provide consulting services, and more. If you're more of the DIY type, we've put together some tips, tricks, and best practices to help you along.

    Explore Genre at Follett >