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Follett Book Fairs offer superior products, simple management and generous rewards.

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  • Follett Book Fairs make the most of our existing PreK-12 publisher and school partnerships to bring you the best books in the simplest way possible, all while providing benefits back to your school.

    You get a customized plan that makes sense for you and your students. Pick from a variety of different themes, including those with a focus on Spanish titles, value books or state award- winning titles. If you’re new to this, we’ll walk you through the entire process.

    Contact us online or by phone at 877-857-7259.

Before your book fair starts, you’ll learn how to organize and prepare for your event. Our support webinars provide an overview of the titles and authors in your fair. You’ll also see how your school can benefit by hosting a Follett Book Fair thanks to our generous, flexible reward options. See how easy it is to use our Clover point-of-sale system and access reports and sales data.

From before your event starts to after it closes, Follett Book Fairs offer unparalleled support.