New School Libraries

Follett works with educators around the globe with one primary focus: building world-class school library, technology, and classroom solutions. Follett is the leading provider of materials and services for new schools, and we’re committed to custom solutions for your students’ personalized learning. The breadth of our PreK-12 products, along with our team of experts, make it easy for you to be successful.


Whether you are opening the doors to a new school or reimagining existing spaces, Follett goes beyond the expected to provide a seamless and comprehensive experience pairing content with our market leading technology solutions like Follett Destiny®. Wherever you are in this process, Follett can help you:

  • Identify and acquire the best-quality materials for your libraries and classrooms to meet the needs of your school’s specific curriculum
  • Shelve your library books according to True Dewey or genre
  • Add tracking barcodes to your high-value assets, including textbooks, laptops, tablets, band instruments, science equipment, and more managed in Follett Destiny®
  • Keep the project on time and within your budget

Three Steps to a New School or New Library

We’ve broken down this overwhelming process into three easy steps to make it more manageable for you and your staff. We are proud to be your partner through each phase of the exciting, rewarding process of creating a new school or library.


  • Get expert guidance.
  • Collaborate on curriculum.
  • Add classroom content.


  • Customize your collection.
  • Build your orders.
  • Enjoy easy order management.


  • Prepare for delivery.
  • Shelve your collection.
  • Do an analysis.

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