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Follett can help you barcode, track, and distribute your textbooks across your district.

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Follett Destiny® Resource Manager makes it easy to track and manage your school or district’s textbooks in one place.


Leveraging the Best in Print and Digital Resources While eLearning

In March of 2019, schools began to close with little to no warning due to COVID-19. Most schools in the United States instituted some form of remote learning with the belief that schools would reopen within a few weeks. This, as we know, did not happen, and the negative impact the closures had on K-12 education began to reveal itself.

Equity and the Role of Print

Where do physical books fit into Covid-era distance learning?

While much of the picture regarding the performance of publishers’ digital resources during the pandemic is rosy, Britten Follett, Executive VP of Follett School Solutions, points out that making the pivot to distance learning has not been seamless, largely due to longstanding equity issues across the country. 

What happens when there is no ‘e’ in eLearning?

Leveraging the power of print is key to expanding educational opportunities–especially when eLearning isn't always possible

3 Things to Know Before You Purchase Your Homeschool Materials

Before you order textbooks and supplemental materials for your at-home student, make sure you consider these three aspects.