WebPath Express

Traditional search engines leave much to be desired when used as an educational search tool. WebPath Express™ is built with student and teacher use in mind.

Today’s students expect to be connected with the digital and traditional content resources they need quickly, easily, and all at once. WebPath Express is a safe, credible, and fun educational search tool for PreK-12 students and teachers.

WebPath Express integrates more than 105,000 trustworthy, relevant websites into your library catalog while filtering out questionable and irrelevant content. WebPath Express offers peace of mind: students and staff can browse safely and effectively.

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Provide a Stress-Free Student Search Tool
Using WebPath Express as an educational search tool, students are able to find reliable resources quickly and easily. Expansive filtering options make it effortless for students to find the right resources, which promotes self-guided searching. Completing homework becomes less frustrating and time-consuming for students when they have immediate access to safe, appropriate websites.

Far from a garden-variety search engine, WebPath Express transforms your library into the ideal resource for students and teachers:

  • Access 105,000+ trustworthy and relevant PreK-12 websites that are integrated alongside your library resources.
  • Search website content and deliver age-appropriate results separated by grade level.
  • Promote the development of discriminating and productive research skills, all in a safe environment.
  • Help students find the best possible content with natural search language and "Did You Mean" functionality.
  • Provide easy-to-use search, browse, and narrowing capabilities, including visual search icons for younger users and English Language Learners.
  • Supply 24/7 access to reliable, educator-reviewed resources – from home or school.
  • Enjoy consistent monitoring and updates that ensure content remains current and appropriate.
  • Extend access to library resources, so students can conduct research anytime, anywhere.

WebPath Express works with Follett Destiny® Library Manager, expanding access to quality information for students and maximizing your investment in Destiny.

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