Book eFairs Platform

Follett Book eFairs present a convenient way for schools to raise funds and further support reading at home. Our online fairs can support all schools, whether you are on-site, virtual learning, or a mixture of both.

Host a Follett Book eFair online to make shopping easier for students, families, friends, and community members!  Learn more. >>

What is the eFair platform?
Keep track of eFair launch dates and order notifications with your eFair platform.

Who uses the eFair platform?
The eFair platform is the hub of communication for the book fair contact at your school. It’s also used by people who are purchasing books from your fair.

How does the eFair platform help?
The eFair platform makes it easy to purchase books online that can be delivered to school or the student’s home – whichever choice you sign up with!

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Wish Lists
Both students and teachers can create a wish list to share with family, friends, or community members, making shopping easy.

Book Recommendations
Teachers can create recommended book lists for families and friends to consider while shopping online at your eFair.

Required Reading
Our team of experts has identified books most frequently used for required reading, so now it’s easy for all students to purchase the same versions of their books.