What’s New in Destiny Resource Manager? Gain Greater Control of All Your Resources


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Bruce Hamilton

Program Director, Destiny Resource Manager

Follett School Solutions

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Jason Lasiewicz

Product Manager, Destiny Resource Manager

Follett School Solutions

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A startling statistic; 18-25% of district resources are lost or stolen every two to three years. The impact of this is: students end-up not getting what they need in order to be successful, school budgets have to be spent replacing lost items rather than on new learning devices or materials, and lastly, public confidence becomes diminished when so many items are reported missing.

The goal of resource management is to provide a district wide solution for managing all resources effectively and efficiently, a process that can assign accountability to stop losses, and ensure resource availability for improved learning. Students can’t achieve if they don’t have the things they need. It’s critical to have the right resources, in the right hands, at the right time, for the right purpose.

Bruce Hamilton and Jason Lasiewicz from Follett School Solutions Destiny Product Management Team presented the latest enhancements to Destiny Resource Manager including the ability to bring your Destiny Textbook Manager data into Resource Manager and an expanded list of standard reports.

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