Success for Struggling Readers: New Strategies Using eBooks


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Ann Fondren

Previously of Spotsylvania, VA Public Schools' eBook Program

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Mitch Coulter

Product Manager

Follett School Solutions

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Join Ann Fondren, renowned educator and professional who previously led Spotsylvania Public School’s eBook Program, and Mitch Coulter, Follett’s Product Manager, as they share their insight on strategies for using eBooks in new and innovative ways. This presentation will show you:

  • How to help struggling readers succeed and gain new enjoyment from reading
  • New tactics to ensure you are meeting CCSS and state standards with eBooks
  • How to communicate and collaborate with teachers and others within your school regarding the many benefits of using eBooks to  enhance curriculum, save time, and help all readers succeed and progress

You'll see:

  • Examples of specific eBook tools
  • Examples of best practices in enhancing the reading experience for kids who struggle
  • New resources and strategies to help individualize instruction

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