Researching in a Digital World: The Role of eBooks


Presented By

Carla Zvonek, M.Ed.

Digital Teaching and Learning Consultant

Follett School Solutions, McHenry, IL

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This webinar questions how we as educators prepare our “digital natives” to be “digital researchers.” Our specific focus will be on the use of non-fiction eBooks and accompanying active reading tools as well as digital notebooks to address some of the common challenges presented by digital research.

  • Unreliable authority of search results
  • Unsafe content
  • Readability of search results (results are often higher than the student’s reading level)
  • Irrelevant search results
  • Lack of tools to organize found information
  • Propensity by students to copy and paste without citing the text and directly connecting
  • the text to the questions at hand
  • Citation challenges
Carefully selected non-fiction eBooks support research across all disciplines, including projects that include the pairing of fiction and non-fiction texts to develop higher order thinking and evidence-based writing. Providing a solid bridge of work between a school librarian and the classroom teaching staff, the joint selection of titles at the right reading levels support differentiation as well as rigorous critical thinking.

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