Librarians as Change Agents: The Expertise is Right Here


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Mark Ray

Chief Digital Officer

Vancouver Public Schools

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Ron Wagner

Teacher Librarian

Felida Elementary School, Vancouver Public Schools

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Education is embarking on a digital transformation, requiring we connect students to all available resources. Yet in an effort to cut costs, a key player in this initiative is sometimes cut or undervalued – the school librarian. 

However, for some districts the role of the librarian is evolving. With the skills and know-how to show administrators how integral the librarian can be to curriculum, teaching, and 21-st century learning, librarians can be the driving force behind the evolution  to spur the future of learning. 

When we shed light on how librarians can be a solution to the many challenges that arise from a digital transformation, everyone wins -- especially students. The librarians participating in this webinar have the support of administration behind them, and thus have a more influential voice to impact key curriculum and digital decisions and have become key players in their districts. As a result, their students are better prepared for college and career, and the librarians' expertise is more fully utilized, as they 'teach more and librarian less'.
Audience members will learn several ways to enrich students’ learning via a strong school librarian, and will learn how these impressive librarians keep the spotlight on their programs throughout the year, and they get others involved to do the same. Key Ideas: Modern schools need different kinds of leadership.

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